Thursday, March 31, 2011

A guest blogger to AOA dares to think. . .

I come from a conservative family. We're hard-working, we pay taxes, we own firearms, we've served and we've raised families. From time to time, some of my kinfolk like to toss in their two cents, which I've always welcomed.

After all, they're Ordinary Americans just like the rest of us.

This post comes from my cousin in Justin, Texas, who has been like a big brother to me since we were five/six years old. He and his wife are some of the finest, self-made people you could ever be blessed to know. Their eighteen-year-old daughter is like a niece and daughter to me and my wife. She also makes a fine co-pilot on some of our flying adventures.


An Ordinary American

Been thinking

By RoknK

Sometimes I need to just think and when I do, I come up with some observations. Right now, this is what I’ve been thinking.

AOA wrote a blog the other day about Sarah Palin and it pretty well summed up my feelings but one thing I would like to add. Pillow talk. Every president is elected on his or her own merits but you have to accept the spouse as well. I had no problem with Laura Bush; in fact, she was about as proud as I could be of a first lady but Michelle Obama? Oh good God!! Therefore, if you consider Palin as president and we get Todd too, I have no problem at all with that. He reminds me of….well…ME! Let’s call it two for one.

Our illustrious Commander in Thief is big on legislation concerning bullying. Two things on that.

• Kids, if you’re bullied tell your parents and any teachers in charge at the time. Not to get him to stop but to warn them that you are going to kick his ass. Then….kick his ass!!

• Hussein Obama is the biggest bully when he rammed his fraudulent so-called healthcare plan down our throats.

Been thinking about this Iowa school that AOA wrote about. If enough idiot douches can keep up this persecution of regular, real Americans long enough it will become as normal as making fun of Christians and no one, NO ONE will give a damn.

AOA also got me thinking about immigration and our non-policy in this country. Did you know that these parasites are reserving rooms at hotels that cater to the late trimester pregnant illegals so they can have their anchor babies in this country? Sure, nice spas and pools, room service and weight rooms. The doctor even comes to your door. We are truly insane.

When liberal politics are allowed to flourish they rot the countryside and repel productive citizens. The latest consensus shows tax paying workers leaving Libville, USA, in droves. People are fleeing the big northeastern liberal, welfare states like Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, as well as the same kinds of states in the Midwest, such as Michigan, Ohio and Illinois. What was once the center of innovation, Detroit is now a wasteland. Detroit’s population now sits at 713,777, down 25% in the last ten years. Thanks to LBJ liberalism, union greed, laziness, and a simple lack of basic pride.

It really is that simple folks.

Been thinking about sensible gun control and how education would help ease the worried minds of all those pillow-biting libs. First grade you get education on the care and keeping of firearms. Safety, cleaning, storing, of course loading, and shooting for a variety of projectile producing weapons. In addition, the distinction of different firearms so they can be easily recognized for what their purpose is.

Problem solved.

Been thinking that Spring is here and a weekend of camping and fishing is needed. Two and a half days of vacation from Japan, Libya and all other mid-east countries, fed budget, politics in general, my job and of cours. . . The One, The Messiah, The Man-Child, The Community Organizer, The Kenyan, the all knowing, all seeing Hussein.

Most folks need a vacation from their jobs. America needs a vacation from its president.

Maybe the Annointed One taking all these vacations isn't a bad thing. He does less damage when he's gone.

The problem is, he keeps coming back.

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