Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Throwing their sorry asses out of office

Last week, I blogged about Bell, California, getting fed up with their corrupt city council and recalling their butts right out of a job.

Yesterday, I read about the Denver city council voting themselves raises of almost seven percent. This comes at a time when the city is reeling from a $700 million dollar budget shortfall, and put simply, the money isn't there.

Naturally in American, our elected whores vote to take care of themselves first, the people who put them into office second.

Miami-Dade got fed up with this and threw Mayor Carlos Alvarez out on his ass.


I've always looked at southern Florida as a banana republic and a third world country. Most of the time that's a good view to have--makes it cheaper than flying to Columbia or Bolivia to experience sweltering humidity and corrupt politicians.

But today, southern Florida surprises me. They stood up to the corruption and brava-sierra of Mayor Alvarez, got the signatures needed to do a recall, and recalled his lying, scheming, thieving ass right out of office.

Are you reading this, Mr. Obama?

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