Monday, March 28, 2011

Educators or Indoctrinators?

My younger brother is a school teacher. A damned good one. He teaches the curriculum and then some, as in why good communications is important. He teaches English, and often times it is the second language of some of his students.

My brother is also a Navy veteran. I'm an Air Force veteran. All branches of the military are represented in our family, and we also have a lot who are present or former law enforcement--ranging from local agencies to county, state and even federal.

Yet, according to the Department of Homeland Security, we--an ordinary American family--pose a significant risk to the safety of this country precisely because we put our butts on the line in the service and defense of our country.

Oh, and because we're gun owners. And white.

Taking a cue from the the incompetent nincompoop that the great Kenyan imposter appointed to embarrass DHS, a school district in Iowa has taken Napolitano's creed a step further.

They built an emergency police and SWAT response around a scenario involving white male students who are pro-gun and not in favor of immigration.

I'm not making this up. This is from the story itself:

An emergency drill set to take place in an Iowa school Saturday is drawing outrage after organizers revealed the mock scenario involves an “anti-immigration” pro-gun student shooting dozens of students in a racially-motivated shooting spree.

I've spent a little time in Iowa, back when we were living in Kansas City in the mid-90's. Only places in Iowa where I found a preponderance of idiots who thought like that was in Des Moines and around the college campuses. Found a few loonies in the Quad Cities area, but figured they'd been flushed from Chicago or picked up from a wind-storm in Austin and carried north.

So let me get this straight. We have public schools indoctrinating students now that white males who believe in protecting the Bill of Rights, including the Second Amendment, must naturally be anti-immigration and therefore, logically, ready to twist off at a moment's notice and start shooting.

Excuse me. I thought it was a liberal looney who was pro-Democrat and pro-Hitler and pro-Stalin who twisted off in Tuscon and opened fire. But here's the entire scenario from these genius educators in Iowa:

“In the past 6 months, the City of Treynor and Treynor Community School District has received a significant influx of minority residents,” causing “controversy regarding national immigration policies as well as racial tensions with a few embedded, typically silent, white supremacy affiliates.”

Based on those tensions, a white 18-year-old high school senior who “has been seen with anti-immigration demonstrators” and whose family “is known to be firearm enthusiasts, if not fanatics” starts a fight with a group of minority students “blurting racial slurs and that he is tired of them moving in and stealing jobs and money from Americans” then “pulls a handgun from his waistband, shooting one of the minority students.”

A 17-year-old friend of the shooter then joins him in "firing upon anyone in their path and chasing down anyone who is against their ill-perceived stand,” the plan says.

Here is the entire story: Iowa Safety Drill Portrays Mock Shooter as 'Anti-Immigration' Pro-Gun Student

How many more examples are there of our public school teachers indoctrinating rather than educating?

I could point out sinking SAT scores in public schools, rising drop-out rates, increased violence and thus increased security, skyrocketing costs associated with public education. . . with teachers' unions behind all of it.

Question: How come private schools don't seem to have these problems? Or home-schooled students?

A school system in California made the students participate in a mock jihad so as to better understand the radical ragheads. Another school system had the high-school seniors sleep in cardboard boxes in a city park to better understand the homeless. And so on and so on.

What the hell happened to teaching about bicuspids and molars in the mouth, rather than how oral sex is performed. The former was taught to us in health class; the latter is what is now being taught. In sociology, we were taught the nuclear family was mom, dad, siblings. Today it is how ever many moms or dads one wishes to have.

That's not education, that's indoctrination.

My wife and I have no children in the public school system because we have no children of our own. Had we decided to have children, no way would they attend today's public schools.

In fact, given the obscene amount of school taxes we pay on our property even though we have no kids in school, I'm still trying to figure out a way to ask the school district for a refund for a defective product.

Throw out the damned "pass this test or you can't graduate" crap. Start teaching children the basics such as how to read, how to add and subtract, the history of our nation, how our Constitution operates, what the inside of a frog looks like, etc.

Until that happens, I'm all for private school vouchers.

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