Monday, March 28, 2011

We are insane. Certifiably insane.

Must be my week for welfare scams. . .

I'm in a national-brand retailer this past weekend and overhear a conversation between a couple of employees. It seems one girl we'll call Mary is having to do some extra duty at another sister store to cover another girl we'll call Nangumba.

Nangumba is from Nigeria and is pregnant with her sixth child. Nangumba is not a U.S. citizen, nor is her husband.

But her previous five kids are.

You see, they are anchor babies. Babies born on the soil of the United States, which makes them citizens, even when their scumbag, scamming, deceit-laden piece of shit parents are not.

It also means that as citizens living at or below the poverty line, they get free healthcare through Medicaid, housing subsidies through HUD, food stamps and WIC (Women, Infants, Children) benefits--plus welfare through SSI.

One more time--what the (F-BOMB) is going on here?

I'm for taking Nangumba and her deadbeat husband and sticking their deadbeat asses on a slow boat back to Nigeria, then giving the Somalian pirates a heads-up that another boat is headed their way.

And Nangumba and her husband would have some ransom money to pay. Believe me.

It seems that Nangumba and her husband came over to the U.S. as part of a program run by the Nigerian government, famous for its scams, and what has transpired is this:

• Nangumba and husband come to America, get I9 (green card) identification, find jobs.

• Nangumba immediately gets knocked up (pregnant), files for benefits and assistance. Also notifies her employer that she'll be exercising her rights under the FMLA.

• Nangumba is paid remaining sick time, plus short-term disability by employer, even though she's only worked the minimal time required.

• Nangumba and husband do this five more times, and with each child, they get an increasing amount of SSI, housing subsidies and food stamp allocation. Estimated that they're drawing almost $100K/year in government benefits.

• Meanwhile, Nangumba and husband send almost every dollar they've earned at their American jobs back to their bank in Nigeria where it has sat quietly drawing interest.

Mary stated that Nangumba had told her that they had over $250,000 saved and deposited in their Nigerian bank--more than enough for them to live like literal royalty when they return to Nigeria.

What are they waiting on?

They're waiting until this last kid is born, vaccinated and has gone through most of his/her childhood illnesses and received a basic education before they haul the tribe back to Africa.

Oh, guess I forgot to mention that the kids also get a free education out of this deal. They're U.S. citizens, after all.

Nangumba is only one of thousands, of tens of thousands, maybe of a million or more leeching immigrants who come here to the U.S. for no other reason than to bleed us dry.

Screw them. We're closed. Go back to that shithole continent you call home and that we call Africa. Stay there. Deal with the Somalians. Straighten your own messes out.

And before you leave, stop by Washington DC and grab a politician under one arm, and a reporter under the other and take them with you.

I've had it with immigration.


RoknK said...

We are and have been a free welfare country. We give and give to those that game the system. Foreigners who are taught in their home country how to cheat the American taxpayers out of free stuff. Also we take. From whom? People that do not receive the government freebies and instead go to work everyday. Citizens who deserve more respect from their employees......the federal government.

An Ordinary American said...

Hell, freaking Mexico prints comic books educating their citizens how to cheat our system, avoid detection, etc etc.

And yet, our ball-less leaders bow down to them (Mexico) anytime a stink is raised. The Arizona law is a perfect example.

I'm about sick of every damned one of our elected weasels.