Saturday, March 19, 2011

Learn English, become a citizen, or get the hell out of here

I waited in line at my pharmacy today for an additional twenty minutes. I waited because the asshole in front of me no speakee English.

Unfortunately, there wasn't anyone who spoke Hindu or Indian or whatever the hell it is they speak in Bangladesh or Burma or wherever this buttwipe was from.

So everyone who COULD speak English waited behind this SOB while he kept asking questions that no one could answer. And get this--the longer WE waited, the madder HE got.

Finally, his daughter or one of his harem of wives or sister or friend-with-benefits or whoever she was came in--and she translated for him. And then she had the brass ovaries to lecture US about being more patient and understanding with people who weren't natives here.

A woman--an American woman, I presume--asked this lady how long the man, who could no speakee English, had been living in the U.S.

The man, who looked to be in his late forties, but could've been fifteen or ninety-five for I could tell, or care, had been living here in the United States for over a decade.

Over a decade! And the sonofabitch still couldn't--or wouldn't--learn or speak even the simplest of sentences.

Get the (f-bomb) out of my country, asshole.

I am sick to death of "permanent immigrants" who take all we have to offer in the U.S., but have no intention of becoming citizens.

Get the hell out of here.

I was in an older north Dallas suburb the other day and stopped in a Kroger grocery store. I thought I was in a third world banana republic. I kept looking for American looking faces and American sounding people, but all I heard was a mix of Spanish, Asian, Hindu--or whatever the hell it is they speak--and a whole slew of other languages that I didn't recognize.

Thank God the cashier, an American (because I asked) could speak English. If she couldn't, I had every intention of throwing my stuff on the floor and walking out.

Now, I figure I'm going to be called a xenophobe and homophobe and India-phobe and every other kind of phobe by the liberal faction, so I'll just say it to those who wish to throw our borders wide open and keep them that way:

Kiss my phobic ass.

We have Mexicans living here, but not citizens, working and sending the bulk of their money back home to Mexico. Suggestion? Follow your money home--and stay there with your money. Do not come back. We have prisoners that can pick lettuce and it's high time our errant citizens who are incarcerated began earning their way.

We have Indians running out our ears living here, but who refuse to become citizens, working and sending their money and every damned thing they can buy free with a coupon back home to New Delhi or Calcutta or wherever. Suggestion? Follow your money and merchandise home. Use your American Express Card to pay for the trip back, then put in an application with the American Express call centers that now reside in your country.

Which is a huge reason why American Express is about as welcome in our house as Jane Fonda or Michael Moore.

Asians? I kind of have a soft spot for most Asians. They are without a doubt, some of the hardest working and most honest people I have ever met. But again, if all you want to do is take a free ride here, haul ass. Go home. Fix your own country, make it livable, then stay there.

How come we don't have Czechs and Poles in the massive numbers that we do Indians and Mexicans here? Both the Czech Republic and Poland used to be hardcore communist countries under the iron grip of the Iron Curtain regime within the Warsaw Pact.

When communism was exposed for the sham it is and everyone in the world, except for Barack Obama and California, realized it was a sham, formerly communist countries started adapting and changing and doing pretty well for themselves.

Why the hell can't India and Mexico, and to a lesser extent, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam do the same thing? Taiwan? No problem. Probably the best economic partner we have. Red China? Screw you. Quit sending your commies over here to steal and pilfer every trade secret and patent they can.

In fact, why the hell do we even give visas to citizens from communist countries in the first place?

I'm sick of our open borders. I'm sick of the entire world taking advantage of our generosity, and then shitting on us every chance it gets. To hell with the rest of the world. Screw you. Try living without us for a year or two.

I'm not a total isolationist. I favor maintaining strong friendships and relationships with Australia & New Zealand (the Down Under gang), Great Britain, Israel, Poland, Czech Republic, Japan, Taiwan, South Africa, the western half of Canada--and Switzerland.

To hell with everyone else. No more foreign aid. Tsunami hits India? Too bad, we don't speak the language and you don't speak ours. Nothing we can do. Earthquake in Mexico City? Tough tortillas, amigos. Take a few days off from printing your comic books teaching your people how to illegally cross our borders and then qualify for our welfare and food stamps. . . and take care of your own mess--or leave it for the cartels to fix. Don't care how you do it, we ain't doing it.

No more indefinite I-9 cards (Green Cards). One year. That's it. Student visas? Have to be renewed every six months. No exceptions. None. And if you don't renew it, fail to renew it, or refuse to renew it and we catch you, one year in prison, then deportation.

If you're working for a foreign company who has offices on U.S. soil and sending money back to your home country, then that money should incur an additional tax. Don't like that? Then don't come here.

No speakee English? Tough doo-doo. We ain't translating. No reason our ballots should be in multiple languages. After all, our money isn't and the foreigners don't seem to have any problems understanding THAT.

You know the saying, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." Well, when in America, do as the Americans do--or get the hell out of America.


Anonymous said...

wow! perfect! soooo, how do we unite, and get law makers to adhere to these GREAT ideas??

An Ordinary American said...

How do you do it?

You call your elected representatives, write them, e-mail them, visit them in person. . . whatever, just so they get the message.

Tell them that we are sick and tired of the horrendous abuses taking place within our immigration system and we want it stopped NOW.

Tell them if they can't, or won't work to stop those abuses, to review the election results of November 2010. We voted a lot of deadasses right out of office and back home to an unemployment line.

We're going to do it again in 2012, but on an even larger scale.

Tell them it's their choice whether or not they want to keep their jobs, but when it comes to immigration, they have no choice--start shutting it down and tightening it up.

Anonymous said...

you have put it just right . thanks