Friday, April 1, 2011

Drug cartels to target Texas Rangers? Bring it on.

I read today where some Mexican dope cartels must’ve been sniffing or snorting or smoking some of their own product.

Drug cartels threaten to kill Texas Rangers, ICE agents

They’re boasting to start targeting and killing Texas Rangers and ICE agents on the Texas border.

Bring it on, assholes.

I don’t particularly care one way or another what the dope heads (aka: cartel leaders) want to try and do with the federal boys from ICE. Given the testicle-challenged bunch of eunuchs we have in Washington, the dope heads could probably do whatever they want, and then have Obama and Napolitano apologize for not giving them easier or larger targets.

But to target our Texas Rangers? Those are Texas citizens. So, some advice to any Mexican dope head who gets to feeling a little randy down in the inner rectum of Mexico and thinks that capping a Texas Ranger or two might intimidate us or make us cower.

Two things:

1. We ain’t Obama. We didn’t carry the SOB in the 2008 election, and in 2010, we made our feelings damn well known regarding just what we think of him, his administration and just about everything that has transpired inside the beltway in the past two years. Keep that in mind.

2. If you dope heads screw with one of us, you screw with all of us. Comprende, pendejos?

I’ve had it with the dope cartels and our namby-pamby female-cat-genitalia politicians. If the cartels want a shooting war, we’ll damn well oblige you. Be advised: we are armed to the teeth here in the Lone Star State, and we’re not exactly feeling real warm and fuzzy towards the cartels and politicians skulking in the corrupt country south of the Rio Grande.

I’m sick of Mexico and I’m sick of hearing about how they’re really a good neighbor. Fact is, Mexico isn’t for jackshit as a neighbor to us or anyone else. Mexico is a hopelessly corrupt, stinking outhouse disguised as a sovereign nation. Mexico takes from us in terms of aid and assistance, and in return gives us cartels, murders, Third World diseases, illegal aliens—and then bitches when we say “Enough!”

Screw you, Mexico, and the burro you rode in on.

You better control those dope head animals who are manufacturing and exporting their poison to us. That is bad enough, but for you to take the bribes and then condone and/or even participate in the drug trade, the kidnappings and the assassinations, then try denying it gives us all the reason needed not to trust you lying sacks of crap.

A lot of us still haven’t forgotten what you sorry sons of bitches did to Kiki Camarena. For those unaware, who’ve forgotten or are too young to remember, here’s the story.

Mexico drug cartels, government officials torture, kill U.S. DEA agent

I fully expect to hear the whinings of, “But, they (Mexican government) really are trying, but the cartels are just too powerful.

Well then, consider this, amigos: Your cartel dope heads may run things in Mexico, but they don’t in Texas. So if you do not control your little dope head leaders running around, and they DO shoot and/or kill a Texas Ranger, you will have just declared war on the State of Texas.

And we will kick your ass.


Unknown said...

Well said ! Fill a few body bags with cartel crapola and make it a hazardous occupation.

perlhaqr said...

Easier to just legalise the stuff, and take the wind out of their sails the way we did to the bootlegger boys in 1933.

'Course, you suggest that and the Temperance bitches squawk and get their feathers all a-ruffle.

An Ordinary American said...

This is from a proud Mississippian at Conservative's Forum

"The spineless politicians keep 30,000 servicemen on the border of South Korea to protect the Korean people.

They put ZERO on our border to protect the American people and the American people have to pay for Koreans protection.

Koreans should be paying for us to protect them. This is Bullshit.

Perfect analogy. Absolutely perfect.


onesonek said...

In the interest of National Security at the very least, there should be a bounty put on the Cartel's leadership. Throw the "mules" in there as well!

And as far as the comment of troops on the border,,,,I'm all for that too.