Friday, March 25, 2011

Welfare cheats are scum

Maybe I oughta just stay away from most retail establishments. . .

I'm in a store today and standing in line behind a woman who was talking on her Blackberry phone. She was talking non-stop and about absolutely nothing--like most inconsiderate assholes who can't stop talking on their damn phone long enough to even acknowledge the cashier.

So she continues to ramble on about some restaurant she ate at last night--an expensive one--and how she was going shopping this evening. On the counter was a pile of brand-name soda pop, expensive boxed fruit juices, beef jerky, and various bags of candy including two bags of Skittles.

The cashier goes to gather everything up to run through the scanner, and the inconsiderate wench finally paused yakking long enough to tell the cashier, "Only rings up one bag of dem Skittles. I gots to rings that other one up separately."

No spelling error--this was how she talked and enunciated.

The cashier rang everything up and gave the lady her total. The lady then asks, "You take the SNAP card, don't you?" as she was sliding the card through the pin pad machine.

SNAP stands for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. In my day, it was called Food Stamps.

For the record, I have nothing against helping out folks who have fallen on hard times, for whatever reasons. There's a lot to that old epiphany of "There but for the grace of God go I." But I also feel like welfare should be a temporary measure and a hand-up to help folks get back on their feet.

It should not be a source of income and a way of life for successive generations like we saw after Hurricane Katrina exposed the freeloading underbelly of New Orleans.

So, back to this yakky wench talking on her $500 phone, who was also wearing new and starched designer jeans, an abundance of jewelry around her neck and on her fingers, and had quite the hairdo. She slides her welfare card in, puts in her identification code, and just like that, the taxpayers of Texas footed the bill for this freeloader's cokes, candy, beef jerky and other junk crap--none of which had a damned bit of nutritional value other than keeping this woman's already fat ass even fatter.

As if that didn't steam me enough. . . remember that second lone bag of Skittles that she wanted rang separate?

The cashier rang that one, and the wench asked how much cash back she could get--after she whipped out her debit card. The limit was $20, which didn't please the freeloading wench and she began bitching about how she used to could get up to $100 back. Her Skittles were only .53¢, by the way.

I'd had enough.

"There's an ATM machine up by the front door," I tell her. "Better yet, why don't you use YOUR OWN damn money to buy that crap and leave your food stamps for buying real food?"

The woman turns around and looks at me. "Who the (f-bomb) you think you be, talking to me like that?" she tells me.

That did it.

"YOU, you freeloading, lazy sorry fat-assed piece of shit!" I said right back at her.

"That's your brand new minivan out there, isn't it?" another customer asked her accusingly. I guess he'd seen her drive up. "New car, new clothes, new phone, fancy-assed high-class restaurants and we're all paying for it."

"Wish I could afford a $500 Blackberry phone and your designer clothes, too," a nurse who was still wearing her scrubs and whose ID tag identified her as an RN remarked to the wench. "But unlike you, lady, I have to pay my own way."

And just like that, the crowd at the checkout lanes turned on this woman and verbally ate her alive. The woman grabbed her $20 out of the cashier's hand and grabbed her sacks full of junk snacks, headed for the door--and at the door turned around and flipped us all off and told us we was "a bunch of sorry-assed racist motherfuckers!"

I guess she missed the fact that the guy behind that also jumped on her case was as black as she was. Or that the RN was Hispanic. Besides, I've said the same thing to white pieces of shit who freeload off society and abuse their food stamps and welfare. I don't give a damn what color you are. You freeload off of decent, hard-working society and then act like it's all a big game and you're entitled, you're going to incur some wrath and that's all there is to it.

But at least today, I was heartened--greatly--to have been surrounded by other hard working ordinary Americans who were just as infuriated. And like me, they chose to no longer stay silent.

Sometimes all you need is to be a catalyst.


Anoun Amouse said...

Excellent blog. People need to get pissed off about this. Pissed off enough that spineless politicians take notice.

An Ordinary American said...

Yep, I gave my Congressman an earful this morning about this.

Told him if we, the taxpayers and source of income, could not afford all these frills and extras, then neither can the government--and that means that what money gets doled out for food stamps needs to go towards necessities and nutritional-value food staples. Not bullshit junk food, candy and soda pops.


Tom said...

Oddly enough, it's always these folks we use the Express lanes with that cart full of junk food requiring two or three separate forms of payment.

Aaron said...

My Friend, You have hit on the duality of the modern society.

I agree 1000000000% with your feelings. Even moreso when A hard working American who fell on hard times (Me), did everything right, worked hard to own his home....Is told they make 12 dollars too much to qualify for assistance, but they would gladly offer cash assistance if I signed my HOME over to them. Yea, Right.

Is it time to start hanging these people from lightpoles yet?

Trey45 said...

You've hit on a sore spot with a lot of people. The welfare queens who have 6 kids and have no idea who baby daddy is, all to get more money every month. The slip and fall artists who file false lawsuits and force everyone to pay more for goods and services due to their fraud. The hood rat driving a 70 thousand dollar SUV paid for by everyones tax dollars. The illegal immigrant colecting housing and education assistance, free medical care and food stamps, all the while contributing NOTHING to the system that pays for all of it. The liberal douchebags in office who sit in their multi million dollar house with hidden income and tax shelters who gladly raise everyones taxes to pay for some good for nothings welfare, BUYING their votes with OUR tax dollars. Who is John Galt? By God.... I AM!

Rich said...

Been there, done that. We had to unload my friends som's wheelchair out in the rain because this 55'ish scumbag covered in gold jewelry was parked in the handicapped spot. Long story short *I* got to call the race card because he accused me of picking on him because of color for calling him out for parking in the handicapped without a sticker. Got 'im a too, I did. The more we stand up, the more the rest of us see it's time to stop taking it. Right On, Bub!

Anonymous said...

And I don't even have a Google Account! But, you are correct, it's wonderful to be surrounded by hard-working Americans and not the welfare elite.


Anonymous said...

Just a bunch of bullies ganging up. She might have only for a few weeks till her new job started. She might have been buying the candy for her kids. She might have been buying the candy for her own sick granny who's ebt she had as she was the caretaker. Maybe she was a woman on the run from her abusive spouse who bought her all that stuff.

An Ordinary American said...

Uh-huh. And maybe Cindy Crawford will do the "wild thing" with Frosty the Snowman in a hot tub.