Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bell, California recalls entire City Council--and sends them to jail.

Hell, yeah!

I've been hard on California, and rightfully so. Any state that continuously elects the likes of a Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein and Barbara "I've worked hard to be a Senator" Boxer, and then elects a bonafide moonbeam moonbat for a governor deserves most of the crap thrown its way.

Now, to be fair, Queen Pelosi is the direct result of the degenerates, freaks and voting criminals of the San Francisco bay area--an area, by the way, that most of us wish would just fall off into the ocean.

But Bell. Bell, California is a little suburb of Los Angeles who got fed up with the corruption blatantly exhibited by their small city council--corruption that included outlandish compensation packages and salaries.

One bozo on the city council was reportedly clearing $1.5 million.

I hope that sonofabitch goes to jail and gets pronged up the poop chute 1.5 million times.

Here's the story: ""

Wake up America. I doubt the town or county exists that couldn't use a dose of what Bell did to their own elected rats.

For damned sure, this should happen in Washington DC. Starting with the White House and working our way down until every last criminal has been tossed out, arrested, indicted and convicted.

I expect this story to start making the rounds around America. And with any luck, other municipalities will follow suit.

We can clean America up. Bell, California, showed us how.

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