Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Would Muslim racing keep the pigs away?

I love this story. It's absolutely PI (Politically Incorrect) but 100% OAC (Ordinary American Correct).

Pig Racing next to a Mosque in Houston, Texas

Seems some Muslims down around the edges of Houston, Texas, decided to buy some eleven or so acres of land which is adjacent to a farm--a farm which also raises pigs.

Now, the Muslims knew this beyond a doubt when they looked at the land, negotiated for the land, purchased the land, and sealed the deal. But now they are offended by the presence of pork and have requested that the farmer get rid of his pigs.

The Texas farmer told them to go to hell.

The ragheads persisted, and the Texas farmer upped the ante.

Now, every Friday afternoon during traditional Muslim prayer time, the farmer holds pig races. He's getting quite the attendance from friends, neighbors and other interested parties.

Good for him.

I'm sick and damn tired of assholes from other cultures coming to America and demanding that I bend my culture to suit theirs. I have two words for you: The first has to do with the act of fornication. The second is You. Use your imagination.

Or to put it another way, get the hell out of my country.

I'm sick to death of signs, ballots, instructions on the telephone, etc being in Spanish. I'm tired of voting ballots having Spanish on them. Only citizens of this country can vote (exception being Chicago, of course) and a requirement for citizenship is the ability to read, write and speak passable English. So if you can't read the ballot, tough shit. Don't vote.

I'm sick to death of standing in line behind some curry-breathed Indian from Calcutta or New Delhi or wherever who's returning endless baskets of merchandise to the neighborhood Walgreens because they're running an Indian coupon fraud scheme. I'm tired of the Indians and Asians coming to our country and immediately signing up for Medicaid and food stamps--even as they're taking on a $55K/year job.

The sonsofbitches aren't even citizens, thus cannot vote, but still our stupid-assed whore politicians still cater to them more than they do they own citizens. Unbelievable.

But I really have an axe to grind with the Muslims and their pushing of Sharia law and other such crap on us. I'll consider Sharia law when the raghead imams and mullahs start dining on Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwiches before each prayer service.

I'm tired of anytime another terrorist incident happens, the Muslim clerics jumping to the terrorists' defense. I'm tired of the Muslims boasting how they're taking over the world. I'm really tired of the talk that the imams spout about how one day, all us "infidels" will be slaves to the Muslims. My ass.

So I salute my Texas brethren in Katy for holding pig races next door to the ragheads' proposed mosque site.

Only thing better would be if he held imam races.

I don't think that would offend the pigs.


Anonymous said...


An Ordinary American said...


Am seriously thinking of cranking the Cessna up one Friday afternoon and flying down to Houston just for the pig races.

Will have to take a camera.

Anonymous said...


I'm so angry lately and sick of the crap going on in this country & you articulate it perfectly :)

An Ordinary American said...

I think we're all getting angrier over the BS and nonsense.

2012 can't get here fast enough.


MLS6 said...

Thanks, I wish everyone had the same view. If you don't want Sharia Law you might want to support bill HR 973. God Bless America and her wonderful people!