Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Black people are too stupid to be cops

Dayton, Ohio's police entrance exams already required dismally low scores just to qualify for an academy appointment.

Thanks to our government, namely Eric Holder's idiotic Department of Justice, those dismally low scoring requirements just got lower.

In fact, a failing grade--an "F"--is all that is required.

This is all part of a move ordered by the DOJ so that more blacks can apply, be accepted, and become gun-toting, powers-of-arrest, crime-scene investigating police officers.

The message from Eric Holder's DOJ?

That blacks are obviously too stupid, at least in Dayton, Ohio, to get a job as a cop on their own.

If I were black, I'd be pissed off. Royally. In fact, I'm not black and I'm pissed off. Royally. Everytime we try to move beyond race in this country, it's some racist national figure or elected official that keep dragging us back.

In chains.

Only the chains these imbecilic hypocrites use today aren't made of steel--they're made of paper and ink and are known as laws. But the net result is the same: One group gets diminished and further stereotyped and they have no control over it.

Check out this story, and pay very close attention to what the Dayton NAACP president says.


I'd like to buy Derrick Forward the adult beverage of his choice.

In case you didn't click on the link, this is what Mr. Forward said, and I quote:

"The NAACP does not support individuals failing a test and then having the opportunity to be gainfully employed. If you lower the score for any group of people, you're not getting the best qualified people for the job."

I find it ironic that the NAACP gets it, and our own numbskulls at the Department of Justice don't.

I talked to a couple of my black friends this evening about this story. One of them is a cop. He was pissed off. Royally. "You know?" he told me. "I spent eight years in the Army, a lot of it over in Iraq in the early days. I come home, used my GI bill to finish college, then applied to the police academy. I made it on my own. High scores, man. I didn't need affirmative action or reduced test scores. If I did, I didn't have any business being a cop."

Damn straight.

My other friend put it more succinctly. "This is the kind of shit," he fumed, "that sets black people back, not forward. When our own people are telling the world that we're stupid and can't do anything on our own, how the (expletive deleted) hell are we supposed to advance on our own?"

A cop only knows two colors: Blue, for the uniform and commitment and loyalty it represents, and red, the color of the blood that cops sometimes bleed in defense of their neighborhood, city, state and nation.

Our government is telling cops that the only color that matters is black. By lowering the test scores, the Department of Justice is telling us that being a smart cop, a qualified cop. . . that isn't important.

What's important is to be a black cop first, and a qualified cop second.

Only some stupid-ass appointed by the Chief Stupid Ass himself, Barack Obama, could run a bureaucracy this utterly out of touch with the real world.

I'd write more, but I need to call up all my black friends and tell them how stupid they are, but to not fret--they have a golden career opportunity in either Dayton with the police department, or in Washington with the Department of Justice. I'll have to be careful, though, as many of them are already cops. Some are career military men with one being a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, some are even attorneys even though I try very hard not to call any lawyer "friend" unless I'm standing in front of an angry judge.

I reckon I'm more disappointed than anything. Here I've been foolishly thinking that all my black friends were just as smart as me, and now the Justice Department tells me it isn't so.

Wonder how my Latino friends will take the news?


Anonymous said...

You, this article, and the blog should go to hell.

An Ordinary American said...


You must work for--or be married to--Eric Holder.


ASM826 said...

Spot on. Your anonymous commenter didn't even deserve your reply.