Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Setting up college students for the slaughter

OK, so I read that a couple of spineless Democrats (redundant) in Texas have managed to temporarily shelve our push to allow college students to legally exercise their Second Amendment rights even while, *gasp*, attending state-supported colleges and universities.

What a wonderful message that sends. . .

One Dem, a Sen. Mario Gallegos of Houston, whined to the Associated Press that parents were scared of guns on campus. Texas lawmakers forced to back off college campus carry bill

I'm scared of muggers and rapists on campus. But I never seem to hear much about that until after those criminals have already ruined someone's life. Then, after lots of hand-wringing, moaning and blaming Bush, the college academics and management promise new solutions, new rules, new regulations, etc etc.

My solution is to just shoot the son of a bitch who tries to mug you or rape you. Then leave the hand-wringing to the psychology and sociology professors that are perpetually convinced that nothing anyone does is their own fault--but rather the fault of either Bush or someone else.

When it comes to the Bill of Rights, liberals and most educators are anything but tolerant. They're controlling little bastards with a power trip running around their pea-sized brains. And when a reality suddenly happens that upsets their applecart, they are clueless as how to handle it. The solution? More laws with the naive expectations that criminals and psychos will follow those laws.

I'm conservative because I want the government and other people to leave me the hell alone. Liberals want to meddle in everyone else's lives and tell us how to live--then pass laws that force us to live they want.

I give you the EPA as a prime example.

I am a firm, ardent, unwavering and unapologetic supporter of the Second Amendment. And I own guns. Plenty of them. However, unlike liberals, I do not try and force anyone who doesn't want to own a gun to rush out to the nearest gun store and buy one.

Yet liberals are doing their damndest to keep me from owning a firearm.

I don't tell anyone which papers to read or how to speak or how to think, ala our First Amendment, yet liberals are forever chastising me over my "political incorrectness" and calling anything that I, a conservative, might say that they disagree with as "hate speech."

Then the cowardly SOBs run out and try to get laws passed turning hate speech into hate crimes.

As I've said for years and years, liberals are cowards and cowards are bullies. Bullies need a swift kick to the balls and a closed fist to the mouth and then knocked on their ass--and they quit being bullies. They leave you alone.

But I'm also convinced that we have a number of so-called conservatives that are just as big of cowards as the liberals. Only, they're hiding behind the rest of us because we'll say what they're afraid to say; we'll do what they're afraid to do.

How did we ever get this screwed up in America?

Just look at our college campuses and there's a big part of your answer.


Southern Belle said...

Harsh, but I agree with what you say. Liberals are bullies.

what we really need is a third party to shake things up a bit.

Democrats want to control what we buy, what we drive and what we think. Republicans want to control who we love and our 'morals'.

Neither party is completely pro-liberty, which is how I think that we've gotten into this mess in the first place.

An Ordinary American said...


One does not enter politics for the puritan purpose of giving citizens more liberty, but rather to devise more ways to control them.

If we weren't so damned apathetic in this country, there would be no need for the discussion and consideration of term limits. Our voter registration cards should be all the term limits we need.

Ah, but that's another subject for another post down the road. . .


Boat Guy said...

I'd sure like to have an alternative to the Party-of-Stupid which seems incapable of standing up to the Party-of-Evil.

Bird of Paradise said...

We never had all these school shooting until they passed these gun free school zones and all those stupid NO GUNS ALLOWED signs are just inivations for robbers and such to commit their crimes So we need to repeal all gun free zone laws and return to the real meaning of the 2nd AMENDMENT and repeal the BRADY LAW and the GUN CONTROL ACT of 1969 as well