Saturday, April 23, 2011

Massachusetts and Texas. There is a difference.

As if it isn't already obvious. . .

In Massachusetts, especially eastern Massachusetts, they love electing crooks like Barney Frank. Of course, the state overwhelmingly continued to elect hiccup-Ted Kennedy, who is finally sober by the way, and the Great Fraud John "Swift Boat" Kerry.

Just the fact that two of those assholes get elected at-large, term after term tells you where the state's head is. This new guy, Brown, well, we'll see. . . RINO at best, but nobody was worse than hiccup-Ted Kennedy.

In Massachusetts, most residents are scared of guns. I mean, really scared. So scared, in fact, that they imagine seeing them (guns) at every turn, every corner, and every hidden nook.

In Texas, we love guns and the only gun we fear is the one we just bought at a gun store or gun show without letting our spouse know about it in advance. But seeing that this is Texas, our spouses quickly get over it and the only thing they're usually mad about is if we didn't bring them home a gun as well.

In Burlington, Massachusetts, they're very scared of guns. So much so, it seems, that even a mere umbrella begins to look like a deranged assault rifle when being carried in the local shopping mall.

Even the police are scared of dangerous assault umbrella/guns, and they send their entire SWAT team goons out, along with State Police, helicopters and it wouldn't surprise me if they didn't have their fingers poised on the speed dial button to call out the National Guard.

You think I'm kidding, doncha? Heh heh heh. Read on: Umbrella toting teenager spurs SWAT team to raid, evacuate Massachusetts shopping mall.

I love the part in the story where the brave, daring and dashing mall employee is proud and fancies himself quite the friggin' hero and stating that "he'd do it all over again" in reference to quickly whipping out his cell phone and gunning in NINE ONE ONE the second he saw and recognized that dangerous assault umbrella/gun with the high-capacity canopy.

Hell, this guy probably thinks he's related to Paul Revere.

You know, I'm now officially ashamed in trying to explain to my friends in other countries how the Tea Party started in Boston, and about Paul Revere and all the other brave revolutionaries that we had in Boston.

The majority of what we have up there now is nothing more than a bunch of pussies relying on the government (ala the taxpayers) for everything, right down to wiping their butts when they pee their pants after seeing a dangerous umbrella being carried in a shopping mall.

Massachusetts. You can have it.

Meanwhile, several thousand miles to the southwest, a seventy-one-year-old woman in rural east Texas had her front door kicked in on a Saturday night. Her dogs apparently raised holy hell with the would-be dumbass who kicked in her door, but nonetheless, rather than calling for the Massachusetts State Police and SWAT goons to come down and assist the Texas DPS and Texas Rangers, she did what any self-respecting Texan would do.

She simply added another gun to her collection and then had an appropriate sign made and posted in her yard.

I think the difference in attitude between the two locales just about says it all.

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