Monday, April 11, 2011

Get out of my country, asshole.

Just a day or so ago, I wrote about a piece of human sewage up in New Jersey who threw her year-old pit bull pup down a nineteen story trash chute.

And now. . . now, I'll be damned if we don't have this piece of shit, Jorge Guzman-Zubiaur charged with hanging two dogs from his tree, one a Doberman and one a Dalmation. He's presently in jail in Homestead (Florida) on $20,000 bail.

Jorge Guzman-Zubiaur faces two counts of animal cruelty. (Source: Miami-Dade Corrections)

The Doberman died. The Dalmation was saved and in the care of an animal facility at this time.

If I could get my hands on this Jorge (pronounced "whore-hay") son of a bitch. . .

Homestead Man Accused of Hanging Dogs in Tree

This piece of shit was ALREADY out on bail for felony drug charges. Now he does this.

Shoot this sorry asshole. Shoot his ass and feed him to the gators.

Then close the goddamn borders down and if you are not an American citizen and have been here longer than one year, you're the hell out of here on the next train, boat or airplane.

I'm sick and damned tired of this multicultural bullshit. I'm tired of the bullshit of having to "accept" other nationalities' cultures when they migrate here.

Tell you what: Don't like the way we do it here in America?

Then get the F-Bomb out of here. TODAY.


An Ordinary American said...

I've seen what your views and beliefs have done to your country.

Is that why you are now in ours?


Murphy's Law said...

"Is that why you are now in ours?"

That question is a whole bucketful of "win" right there.

Anonymous said...

I'm here because my wife is American and has a promising political career in DC. I love the way you completely ignore the facts in my comment and delve directly to a personal jab at why I am in this country. What exactly have my views done to Australia? As far as I'm concerned, we have a much more stable economy, a lower crime rate, not overpopulated, environmentally friendly, and have the most livable cities on the planet judged by Education, Crime rate, and economic ease. If it weren't for my wife's career, we both agreed that we would be living in Australia. And for the record, she would be welcome in Australia. We're not judgmental about cultural backgrounds as the likes of you suggest. I'm guessing your reply to this comment will again ignore the facts and tell me to leave the country... I can respect that. But the last time I checked, my non-judgmental attitude will benefit our country a lot more than your intolerant views.

An Ordinary American said...

Actually, I've yet to meet the Australian that I would ever ask to leave the country.

I like Australians. Lot like Texans--they make fine friends and fearsome enemies.

But "promising political career" lost me right there.

It also explained everything.


Anonymous said...

Well that's good. Sorry if I caused you any offense but I got the impression that you were completely anti-immigration and anti-multiculturalism. Australians are a lot like Americans. We're the slightly quieter "Little Brother" of the USA if you will. And I'm also guessing that you don't like politicians and their staff? Personally the politicians that my wife has had to deal with have been rather negative experiences for her as she's in Law and has to battle them off one by one. So the negative stories about their pretentiousness and "I'm better than you" attitudes have been rather negative. But I'll still defend them as they've helped carve one hell of a country.

Anonymous said...

People in my country kill, torture, eat, etc. dogs, cats, etc. even humans. Even the high-position people do those things and those things are normal. I want to get the hell out of my country immediately. But I just can't. Now I'm very depressed. Everyday I see they talk stupid things to each other, they hurt each other, they torture each other, they kill each other. Who are they? They are every kind of people - normal citizens, businessmen, doctors, teachers, officers, etc. YES, ESPECIALLY doctors and teachers - there's no difference between a illiterate man and a top-ten teacher here. I feel like I don't belong to here. But I cannot do anything because I was born here. What the cuss is this? I'm living in hell. I want to get the hell out of here, every day. But I cannot do any thing. If I say something, all of them will torture and kill me because they think I'm sick and crazy. What should I do? Ordinary American, I understand you. I can't imagine why some people could do such thing as killing innocent and harmless creatures. But it happens every in my place and they also see it as funny. I'm so depressed. I want to kill them all. I want to destroy them. I want to get the fxxk out of here right now!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha I knew it as someone who also lives in this multicultural dump ( Australia) I knew that pro multicultural crap had to come from an Aussie I would bet my left nipple that this idiot who is now infesting the US is Chinese or his "wife" is I bet you. You now we bang on about how the world works like we know but how come we ignore people separating into groups called countries like they have for millennia yet apparently because we have TV these deep seated issues are no longer.