Saturday, April 9, 2011

A real piece of human sewage

I just finished reading the story of Patrick the Pit Bull. And I’d like to kick someone’s ass.

In case you haven’t heard, Patrick is the pit bull that was found in a trash chute in New Jersey.

Patrick the pit bull was found starved and barely alive inside a garbage chute at the Garden Spires apartment complex in Newark, N.J., on March 16 (AHS). (Picture courtesy of Fox News)

Nineteen floors this dog was tossed down in the trash chute. NINETEEN!

I am not an animal rights activist and I despise the hypocrites of PETA and HSUS, and if anyone from ALF (Animal Liberation Front) ever crosses my path, only one of us will walk away. But perhaps the only group of people I despise worse than the ALF and PETA and HSUS pukes are those who blatantly, intentionally harm and abuse domesticated animals for no purpose whatsoever other than for just the sheer hell of it.

For the record, I hunt. I eat and consume what I hunt. What doesn’t get consumed gets donated to local food banks. I fish, and the same thing goes. The animal rights wackos don’t like this, but I couldn’t possible give a damn less. Furthermore, I’ll guarantee you that I’ve killed a lot less animals than PETA and HSUS shelters and rescues.

So back to Patrick. Here is a story on his update. Dog found starved, tossed in trash chute

Here is the story on the piece of shit woman charged with doing this to him. Woman charged with cruelty, neglect in pit bull case

Five minutes, Lord. All I ask is five minutes alone with people that do this to our pets.

I’ve been a long-time volunteer and supporter with Doberman Rescue of North Texas. In fact, I even wrote their tag line, “I saved my best friend’s life.”

During my more active years of participation with DRNT, we saw some abuse cases that made the hair on your neck stand up and we saw some that made you physically sick. Along the way, I’ve participated in rescuing horribly neglected animals from puppy mills and from the homes of hoarders. I’ve seen pets die because there simply was no saving them.

I’ve seen it with cats, which are not my favorite species of animal by a long shot, and I’ve seen it with horses, which are one of my favorite species. And I’ve also seen it with young children and our elderly—but that’s another blog for another day.

In no way do I equate animals as being equal to humans. Not even close. I do not protest necessary medical research that utilizes animals. I don’t like it, but I fully understand and accept the incredible gains that have been made in the medical field due to the responsible use of animal research.

I do not anthropomorphize. Our dogs are not little people in fur coats. They are canines, pack animals, predators with traits inherent to their temperament and breeding. We train them as such, and we deal with them as such.

Kisha Curtis is the piece of shit who is charged with tossing Patrick down the nineteen story trash chute. Naturally, she says she didn’t do it—“someone else did.” Spare me. If I had a nickel for every time some ghetto, low-class piece of crap example of human sewage told me that during my law enforcement days, I’d be richer than LaBron James.

Bottom line is I don’t like abuse in any form. Period. Abuse is what bullies do, and I absolutely detest and despise bullies because at their core, they are nothing more than cowards.

I’m rooting for Patrick. Hard. Because Patrick is only one dog, today, that we know about and that has gained some attention to the issue of people abusing our domestic animals.

I’m also cheering for the prosecutor who has charged Kisha Curtis. And I wonder if Kisha Curtis is related in some way to Michael Vick?

If you don't want your pet, your cat, your horse, your ferret, your rat or your goldfish anymore, give it away. Take it to your vet's office. Take it to the animal shelter. Take it to a pet store.

Don't abuse it or turn it loose to fend for itself.

In less than five minutes of googling, you can find all the rescue help you need to place your pet.

In the meantime, I'll continue to cheer for Patrick the pit bull--and I'll hope he gets strong enough and healthy enough to have a good life. I'll also hope that maybe the judge in this case will, as part of Kisha Curtis' sentencing, have her tied to a fire hydrant and let Patrick piss all over her.

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