Friday, April 8, 2011

Obama: Nothing but a pathetic coward

I'm a pilot, I like to fly and my wife's family is up in Maine. So when we fly that way, we can take the coastal route up the Atlantic seaboard, or the great-circle route which takes us just south of the Canadian border around Rochester, New York.

If we were flying to see my mother-in-law this weekend, we'd take the great-circle route. I'd fly that route because I wouldn't want the extra scrutiny and attention that would be given us as we flew near, then over the eastern Virginia area.

Obama is going to be there. For yet another vacation.

You can time the Imposter's vacations with the crisis or situation du jour. Hell, you can set your calendar by them. At present, it's budget crunch time and the government is in danger of shutting down, putting a million or so bureaucrats truly on their asses, but this time, without pay.

I say go for it, but that's another topic.

Let's review the crisis situations in which Obama has run like a scalded dog and hid behind the "vacation" or "need to get away and relax" security blanket:

1. Government in danger of shutting down, and Obama runs to Williamsburg, Virginia for some R&R.

2. Japan suffers worst earthquake in its history, and Obama runs to choose his NCAA basketball brackets, then prepare for trip to Rio.

3. The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and Obama goes golfing.

4. Attempted Christmas Day bombing on a flight over Detroit, and Obama could not be bothered to even comment on it.

Feel free to add to this list yourself. There is no shortage of material.

Bottom line? We have a real pussy for a president. I used to think there was no bigger pussy in all of politics than Jimmy Carter, but this Kenyan Imposter even has Carter beat--and by a wide margin. At least Carter generally hung around Washington or Camp David and made bad decisions, but again. . . at least he was there.

Obama runs from both his responsibilities, but from accountability as well.

Now we see where the Wisconsin Democrats that ran away like little sissies got their inspiration.

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Southern Belle said...

Democrats are always one to tuck tail and run. Remember when they did it here in Texas? They ran off to Oklahoma to prevent a vote on the redistricting measures.