Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bringing a gun to a sword fight?

(Oh, I'm gonna catch hell for this one. . . I already know it and I can already here all the names some folks are going to call me. Too damned bad.)

This from the people of Ghandi (and I type this as sarcastically as I possibly can).

Sword fight breaks out at Indian temple

The first thing that went through my Texas skull when I saw this headline was, "never bring a sword to a gunfight." But these idiots brought swords and sticks and cricket bats--TO A CHURCH, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! IN NEW YORK CITY!!!

Freaking animals. Get the hell out of my country and take your ugly women and your scamming, thieving ways with you.

Yes, I have a problem with India. A huge problem.

• It's a third world shithole for starters. When executives from New Delhi and Calcutta go to Bangladesh on vacation, that tells you something. Those who've been to Bangladesh will understand this, believe me. If you haven't been to Bangladesh, but would like to experience something like it, go spend a hot summer weekend at the landfill right after they've stirred the dirt around and the smell and filth is unbearable. Either that or go spend a weekend in Newark, New Jersey. Same thing.

• They still honor a caste system (which the politicians try to deny) and the people in the lower castes are treated worse than garbage. Yet India continuously tries to claim it's a democracy.

• It's legal to sell your kids into the slave business as well as into prostitution rings. That in and of itself should get them nuked right off the map, in my opinion.

• They come to America for high tech, high paying jobs but with no intent of becoming citizens. Money and goods are sent back to India. Again, I have a real huge problem with people who enjoy all the privileges of U.S. citizenship without any of the responsibilities. Get out of my country, assholes.

• A doctor friend of mine tells me he quit accepting Texas Medicaid (welfare) because the single biggest abuser of the system he's seen has been Indians over here on visas who were making six-figures, but scamming us for food stamps and free medical (Medicaid) "simply because they can, so why not?"

• I stand behind these people in the supermarket lines and watch one after another after another attempt to scam cashiers with coupon fraud, rebate fraud and generally just nickel and dime the store to death. I've watched them berate the poor high-school or college-age cashiers and clerks, call them stupid, insist that they take their coupons or rebates and then hold up the entire freaking line. And sometimes FOR AS LITTLE AS .25¢!

I raise hell with them. Right then, right there. In the checkout line. The men will act belligerent and puff themselves up and yell. I've offered to knock the living shit out of several of them, but so far, damn it, none have taken me up on the offer.

People tell me there are good Indians, and I agree--they're all back in India.

Go back and fix your own damn country before you come over here and screw ours up.

Indians who are American citizens? No problem. They're Americans.

Big difference.


Southern Belle said...

OOOOOO you're gonna get in twouble, you wascally wabbit!

RVN11B said...

I found it amusing while over seas that I among others were labeled 'Ugly Americans'.

And yet they send buffoons such as you described to out land and we are supposed to love and cherish them.


I will, as I always have, judge a person by their conduct and character. That is the only way.

Respect me and my home and I will return the sentiment.