Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wanna "get real" Soulja Boy? Bring it on.

Seems there's (yet another) shit stain waste of chromosomes who is in the "rap scene" and calls himself/itself "Soulja Boy."

Also seems the little prick wrote, wrapped or crapped or whatever it is these genetic malfuctions do that end up blaring through ghetto mobiles' zillion-dollar car stereos that disparaged U.S. Army troops and just about ALL veterans in general.

"Let's Be Real?"

Really, Soulja Boy.

Tell you what, asshole. You wanna play "let's be real" with your bullshit, bring it down to any Veterans of Foreign Wars or American Legion post.

We'll get real with your little punk ass.

And don't bother with all the crocodile tears of "apology" and removing your crap-rap from the internet.

Too late, asshole. You got caught, you got called on it, and now you're running away from your own words faster than a fifteen-year-old prom queen who forgot her tampons before the big dance.

What a pissant.

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An Ordinary American said...


Damned right he would.