Thursday, September 1, 2011

This woman needs to be our next Attorney General

Towards the end of June, I wrote a post titled "When women have more balls than men." In it, I heaped great praise upon Ms. Monique Lawless.

Today, I heard back from Ms. Lawless as she commented on the post I published about her. In her own words:

Thank you so much "An Ordinary American" for understanding why I did what I did. It is way past time for all of to stand up against those who think that they can just break the law & the rest of us are going to look the other way. These were young boys with 8 felonies prior to this event. I wish I could hug every person who I have read about that has stood up to someone doing something wrong! It might not be your business or your property or your family today, but one day it will be and wouldn't you like to know that the person standing next to you is willing to do something to help? I am not a hero, just doing what I was raised to do and that is to do the right thing.

Damn straight, Ms. Lawless. We have 545 losers inside the Beltway that could learn a LOT from you.

To briefly reacquaint you with Ms. Lawless. . . She's in this Houston-area Walmart where three thugs are stealing beer and running for the door, Ms. Lawless takes off after them and jumps on their car. She gets thrown off, but the three brothers (literally and figuratively) end up arrested.

Interesting that Ms. Lawless, who wears a bra, did this when the so-called men around her in the store, who probably use tampons to control their irritable bowel syndrome, did nothing.

Overwhelmingly, the comments in the papers and television news stories were highly favorable, but of course, some of those tampon-wearing men said they would never have done such a thing. Stinking transplants. Go back to Sissy Falls, Connecticut or Cat Genital City, Oregon.

I think Rick Perry ought to take Ms. Lawless out on the campaign trail with him as an example of "real America" and what we used to be.

I also think that whoever is next President should appoint Ms. Lawless as Attorney General. She obviously doesn't cater to criminals and she obviously has no fear of going after them.

Who was the last Attorney General that also had a set of balls?

Please don't say it was Janet Reno. . .


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good Attorney General

kx59 said...

She was absolutely having none of that.
No, it wasn't Janet Reno, she was having a perpetual case of menopause.
Now that you mention it, I cannot think of an AG that has had any balls in my lifetime.

Irish said...

I remembered this story you posted about strong women and I wanted share this story that is in our local paper...

An Ordinary American said...

And you, Jefe, epitomize the mentality and attitude that is so wrong with our country these days.

"Let someone else worry about because someone else will pay for it."

Let's talk about idiots--when insurance "pays" for something, we all pay. Rates go up, which are passed onto the business which in turn raise prices, which in turn are paid by the consumers.

Maybe if more douchebags knew that if they tried to swipe beer or steal or whatever and ordinary, everyday citizens might just kick their asses for it. . .

So think about this, Jefe. Why don't you walk into a VFW post and get a little drunk then start shoving people around, then start pouring beer on the pool table, then maybe start pissing on some folded flags that are around.

What do you think will happen? (I could tell you what would happen. . .)

Fact is, pussies and cowards whose only MO is to "let someone else deal with it" are exactly why we have what we have today.


Anonymous said...

And I suppose you've never filed an insurance claim? You're really that big-hearted and hate to see my premiums go up? Thanks so much.

And what is the woman had been hurt or killed? You think Walmartt's going to help her or her family out? Fuck no they would not.

And your VFW scenario is in no way similar to this incident. Want to try again?

Not much oxygen on your planet, I'm guessing.

An Ordinary American said...


How long have you been taking your leaks sitting down?