Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Dealer Showroom sucks. Gun owners, beware.

Other than rapists and child molesters, few things piss me off more than unscrupulous gun shops and gun dealers.

Stupidly, I tend to trust gun stores and gun dealers because I want to. I want to think that they are as dedicated to the Second Amendment, the Bill of Rights, the freedom and security of this nation as I am.

I want to think that a great many of them are also veterans and know the meaning of honor and integrity and that you do the right thing no matter what. You know, the Code that we lived by in the field, "You watch my back, I'll watch yours."

I want gun dealers and gun shops to be the good guys.

And then I wake up. . .


A friend of mine who runs Lagniappe's Lair just got a minor hose job from just such an asswipe by the name of John Bush who runs some back-of-his-cyber-garage half-ass gun store operation called "The Dealer Showroom."

Problem is, it ain't a showroom, it's barely a website, and it's pretty damned sly about sneaking in additional shipping charges then sitting on your order for weeks on end while simultaneously ignoring e-mails and phone calls.

In fact, the guy running this farce of an operation doesn't even have voice mail or even one of those old-timey answering machines you can get for damned near free at any flea market or Salvation Army thrift store.

What the hell kind of half-assed operation is that? Well, read on about what my buddy went through for just two boxes of ammunition.

Long story short, he ordered two boxes of semi-rare ammo from the The Dealer Showroom in Klameth Falls, Oregon. He used his bank card to pay for it and included the stated $9 shipping.

Days turn into weeks and he begins trying to call TDR, but nobody answers the phone and there is no voice mail or even an answering machine.

He sends e-mails. Nothing. Nada. Zippo.

He tries to cancel the sale and do a chargeback with his bank, but guess what? They can't find the amount he paid to this clown. Why? Because TDR added another $4 in shipping without his consent or knowledge.

Add, subtract or just change the total of the sale and it makes a chargeback all but impossible.

The customer was finally able to contact Mr. Bush, expressed his displeasure and was completely blown off.

Game on.

Avoid this dump called "The Dealer Showroom" and let your fellow gun-owners, veterans and law enforcement friends and family know as well.

If you have a blog, give it a few lines and warn your loyal readers and then urge them to do the same.

The last thing we need is any more dishonest or less than reputable gun dealers competing with the ATF, after all.


Ron said...

Hey, I'm getting pissed just reading this...

Anonymous said...

I will cross post this

Anonymous said...

Yep, they screwed me too. They ignored my e-mails & I was forced to contact my CC company.

Anonymous said...

Excellent work done by Mr. Bush. Very happy with all the items I purchased.

Anonymous said...

I had my order ready for $88 of parts and decided to do a quick reference check. NO Thank You ass hole.
It is far better to pay the higher prices for the same parts I needed.

Anonymous said...

Did some more checking on The Dealer Showroom. He has a Facebook site now. He has been "busted" by the credit card companies; they share problem accounts. There is now no credit card service for them because he cannot get past the cc company application process.

Unknown said...

I love the dealer show room. They have alot of hard to find parts at fair price or better. Mr. John bush is a pleasure to deal with and I wont believe he would ever intentionally rip anyone off. My favorite store in oregon.

John said...

Ordered parts from dealers show room two months ago. Still no parts received. Will not answer emails. Finley contacted by phone. Promised parts would be shipped. Still no parts. Will never buy parts from bush again. Shave yourself money and buy from others.