Monday, September 12, 2011

Pregnant man suing White Castle Burgers.

No, it's not a typo.

Indicative of today's professional victim mentality, an obese slob of a man, using the term only in genetic correctness, is suing White Castle Burgers because he can't fit his fat ass and belly into one of their booths.

He's suing under the ADA claiming "it's just like being pregnant" trying to get into one of their booths.

You can check out the story here.

If you'll notice in the report, this fat slob has zero intention of giving up his junk food. Instead, the SOB wants to the world to change to HIS standards.

I've got some advice for this guy.

Lay off the junk food, exercise, lose some weight and quit being such a pussy.


Irish said...

First of all the judge should admonish the lawyer and this useless turd, and charge them with the court costs they wasted.

Second of all, the corporations should hire better defense atty's instead of rolling over.. check this out from a news article:

"White Castle even said they would expand the seats and sent him design specifications, Mr Kessman alleged." is White Castle NUTS!??? I would charge him with trespassing and not allow him in the store.

Irish said...

I also had another thought, IF this case wins then can people sue the airlines? Car MAnufactures? Movie Theaters? Ball Parks? when does it end....?

Anonymous said...

What?!?!? FFS - when I blimped out, I got put on rabbit food, a training regimen and a running program! Do you know what happens in a man's small intestine when ya fill it with broccoli and tofu? What bullshit!

I deserve compensation too!!! Do you have a Heart Attack Grill in Texas AOA? Can you box up one of those Quadruple Bypass Burgers and mail it up to me here in Alberta?

I will need one of those naughty nurses and a wheel barrow too...just send them along and we can settle this out of court like gentlemen, dontchya know...

An Ordinary American said...

Here's the bottom line:

White Castle has the right to design their restaurant pretty much anyway they want to as long as it has (enter the endless list of gov't required functions, ramps, warnings, vents, fans, windows, exits, etc etc)

And yet, the government is actually PERPLEXED at why there aren't more small businesses opening up and why existing businesses are slow to hire??!!

If I were White Castle's counsel, I would tell this fat ass son of a bitch to sit on the BENCH they have OUTSIDE and eat his three-dozen little WC burgers.

The asshole probably STINKS as well. Every fat ass I ever got stuck sitting with on a commercial airline flight smelled like a goat.

But heaven help you if you complain about THEM. . .

This idiot is the poster child for what ails our nation.


tha malcontent said...

That's what you get from listening to Moochie Obama's advice.