Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Michele Bachmann. Go away and take Sarah Palin with you.

The words I never thought would ever leave my mouth: "Michele, Sarah, Ann (Coulter)--shut the hell up and get the hell out of here."

I also see now why a woman has not been elected President, and given the way these three women acted and reacted after the Tampa debates, they may have very well done for a woman's chance at the Oval Office what Obama has done for ever having another black man in the Oval Office.

In short, all three acted exactly, to a T, in the same manner as the mainstream media that all three (profess to) despise so sorely.

In order:

• Bachmann and her incessant shrill over Perry and the Gardisil vaccine. She should have shut up while she was ahead, but she didn't. In fact, she took her shrill to a post debate interview with Greta van Susteren and made an absolute ass out of herself.

And not just any ass, but a dumb ass with her dumb assed quoting of some lady she claimed came crying to her after the debate about the Gardasil vaccine making her daughter mentally retarded. Medical experts including the CDC squashed that one pretty quick and it made Bachmann look like an utter idiot.

Yet, she still clings to it even twenty-fours later and in spite of the scientific evidence blasted her way.

Isn't that a favorite ploy of the liberals? You know, how they do with gun control--tell a lie often enough, loud enough and to enough people until people begin to believe it's the truth.

Never forget: That's EXACTLY how we now have the term "assault weapon."

• Enter Sarah Palin, once a huge favorite of the wife and me. But as time moves on, we have more questions, in particular with her incessant teasing as to her intentions in the race.

But the huge problem I have is her accusation of Governor Perry engaging in "crony capitalism." Give me an effing break. $5,000 bucks? Are you kidding? This is TEXAS, ex-Governor Palin. We raise MILLIONS of dollars for the candidates we want to beat back the bozos in Washington. Five-thousand bucks won't even get you a season pass in the men's room of a suite at Jerry Jones' new altar unto himself that he calls a football stadium. Five thousand bucks isn't even a down payment on the Suburbans and one-ton dually pickups we drive.

It sure as hell won't buy you a damned thing in anyone's office in Austin except maybe an invitation to the inaugural BBQ, and unless ZZ Top or George Strait is playing, nobody would even pay that.

But more importantly, I seem to remember, Ms. Palin, you being pissed off beyond belief when after the 2008 election, you were accused of the same thing via your wardrobe purchased with GOP funds during your time on the campaign trail.

I also don't remember too many conservatives even blinking an eye over it because we knew better than to think you could be bought.

But the fact that you've stood shoulder to shoulder with Governor Perry in various Tea Party events and then jump at the national stage to take a cheap shot at him has me seriously doubting YOUR character and motives.

After all, turnabout is fair play and you know what they say about those who live in glass glaciers. . .

• An now, for Ann Coulter. . . You're starting to sound more and more like the RINO establishment every day, but then again, controversy sells books and that seems to be ALL you're really doing these days. Writing and selling books.

You're far too typical of virtually all (so-called) journalists--you've never accomplished a damn thing except to write about or criticize the accomplishments, good, bad or otherwise, of others who've actually dared to venture beyond the laptop and try working for a living.

Otherwise, if you start losing your hair, people might start mistaking you for Bill O'Reilly.

There is so much misinformation going on about this Gardasil flap that it's unreal, and I find it highly ironic that the three females mentioned above failed to mention, even once, how the friggin permissive "anything goes" sexual attitudes force-fed into our public schools directly helped create a situation in which something like the Gardasil vaccination could even become a consideration.

Of course, Palin better not open her mouth about that. . .

Bachmann's stance on vaccinations alone now has me believing she is a total dumbass when it comes to the world outside her perfect view of herself and her politics. My suggestion to her would be for her to get her ass out of whitebread Minnesota and come down here to some of the border states where, thanks to the libs and RINOs, Third World diseases are once again becoming a problem.

Diseases that we MANDATE our school children be vaccinated against.

I think Newt nailed it when he pointed out that the media is trying to get the Republicans to not only draw blood on each other, but give the stinking Democrats some new ammunition to use in the 2012 race.

Dismissing Ron Paul, who remains convinced that 9/11 was all our fault, and that idiot from Utah who should be passing out towels in the restrooms of the debate hall rather than stealing oxygen from behind a podium, it seems that partisanship is alive and well in supposedly three of the Tea Party's more prominent members.

And from what it looked like to my wife, herself a former CBS infobabe, the female connection and solidarity seemed to trump all.

I guess Obama has his race card, and Bachmann/Palin/Coulter have their gender card.

As I've said for the past thirty years, politics--by their very nature--are designed to divide, not unite.

But one thing is for damned certain: Those three women lost this family's support and votes.


Anonymous said...

Well Tex, it's hard to argue with any of that.

I knew Bachman was an idiot from the start, so I'm not disappointed in her.

Coulter will sell books and I will buy them - she can make liberals foam at the mouth and I consider her high comedy and entertainment.

Sarah needs a kick in the arse and a second chance, IMO. You are absolutely right, she dropped the ball and needs to straighten up and fly right. I will not write her off - yet. She has principles and ethics and she needs to stand by them - or end up like the rest of the mutts in this dog fight.


Old NFO said...

Hate to say it, but I'm at the point I agree with ya... sigh

CrankyYankee said...

Of course, Mike Snyder is probably a "Pinko" too.

CrankyYankee said...

Why in the world should we be injecting pre-teen girls with highly controversial vaccines that are supposed to "protect" them against the consequences of "unsafe sex" in the first place?

If Bill Clinton had tried to pull such a stunt, social conservatives would have had a field day.

Look, you can support Rick Perry if you want, but if you do, don't even try to pretend that you are a "conservative" anymore. As I have written about previously, Rick Perry has a long track record of doing things that Tea Party activists should abhor.

Rick Perry has dramatically increased government spending in Texas, the size of the debt in Texas and the size of government in Texas. Rick Perry is incredibly soft on illegal immigration and he was leading the charge to develop the Trans-Texas Corridor which would have been part of the planned NAFTA superhighway system.

If you cast a single vote for Rick Perry, you might as well tattoo "RINO" on your forehead.

no space left...............

An Ordinary American said...


Like damned near all yankees, we wish you folks knew a tenth as much about what goes on here in Texas as those of you way north of us think you do.

On the other hand, I've yet to meet the native Texan that gave a shit what ANY yankee thought of us.

Early on, I went on the record as opposing a Perry run for the presidency for precisely that reason: Nobody here wants all the damned northern "experts on all things Texas" running off at the mouth about things they've only read, and never experienced about our state.

But then again, I'm one of the rapidly growing crowd down here that wishes we could just leave the union (along with OK, AR, MO, LA and other southern and western states) and leave you damned yankees to deal with all the problems you've created.


CrankyYankee said...

Could not agree more, I need to "blasted" out of America. Yankee, just a misnomer, all I care about is "my" country, as I think you do too.

Bonanza Beach-crafts and M70's, are we so far apart ?.

I want my "Damn" country back......... too much too ask ?...........

An Ordinary American said...


Yankee, I know how you feel. Trust me.

I just want my country back too.

And like you, I always feel like I'm on the "wrong side" of things.


A Pissed Off Irishman said...

Sorry to say itm but I have to agree with you.

Chateau Robert said...

Of course, we can talking about Sarah Palin anyway we want to, you have every tight to. But it is Sarah Palin who still outdraws any other republican at rally's and at her speeches.
Lets not do what the liberals do and destroy people who speak out. We have to support our own people.
We need more brave people like Sarah Palin who are not afraid to speak their minds. Don't fall into the Liberal's trap.

An Ordinary American said...


My wife and I used to be huge Palin supporters. Sent lots of checks her way.

In fact, in 2008, we voted for the Palin/McCain ticket--not the McCain/Palin ride. Translation: We voted for Sarah Palin.

Important to note that I said we voted FOR, whereas in so many elections, we don't for someone as much as we vote against the other person.

Our support for Palin began wavering with her incessant teasing and publicity-hounding over "Will she run for president or not?"

Effective leaders do not play such games with those who follow them. As one of of the mottos at Lackland Air Force Base BMTS (Basic Military Training School) read, "Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way."

What has us upset with Sarah Palin is her gender partisanship with Michele Bachmann against Rick Perry--a guy who ushered her all over the Lone Star State and STOOD UP FOR HER when everyone else was attacking her.

All across the state, Palin ballyhooed about how great a guy Perry is, how good of friends they are, posed for photo ops, etc.

But then she goes on national news and hurls these accusations at Perry that have zero merit--and she knows they have zero merit.

This makes too many of us in Texas question her motives and true loyalties.

I guess we could accuse her of "crony politics."

She needs to address this, and she hasn't. She won't. It's not her way.

And that is not what leaders do.


Kim said...

As much as I am all about woman power, being a woman, I have to agree. I tend to be pretty conservative on some things but liberal on others. I am just me. That being said the reason these women tend to drive me nuts is because of how often they say things that have absolutely no basis in fact. They don't research this country's history or the facts at times and it bounces back to make them look stupid. It makes me sad because I think a woman could be a very positive force if she had the right team behind her to help avoid these word stumbles. Add that Sarah Palin quit and that struck her out for me. If you want to be a strong woman than be one or shut up.

CrankyYankee said...

Lila said, I am all about woman power, being a woman.

Some classic examples in History...........

Have at it babe.............