Monday, February 17, 2014

What is it with granola heads?

Okay, so I might be a little late to this party. But then again, maybe some of you still haven't got the news.

The latest granola-head entry to crap on the civil rights of a certain segment of the consumer population would be Sprouts Farmers Market, headquartered in Arizona, of all places.

Must be the Kalifornia sewage overflowing into the Grand Canyon State.

Or maybe it's just Hanoi John McCain looking for one last dump on the Bill of Rights, ala McCain-Feingold, before he gets his traitorous butt booted from office.

The wife and I get through eating barbecue at a local joint a few nights ago and on the way home, decide spur of the moment to stop by our local Sprouts. I had bought a nebulizer way back in the late 90's and would put eucalyptus oil in it and run it on occasion in our house.

For the record, our house is one of those idiotic open-concept money pits where the ceilings are a gazillion feet high, windows everywhere including in the ceiling (skylights), an upstairs open loft at the end of an open-air hallway that has the guest rooms, office and another bathroom. It all looks kinda neat until you get the electric bill in during a normal Texas summer month. You have to heat and cool all that idiotic open-concept air that is doing nothing more than making my electric company rich during the summer, and my natural gas provider rich during the winter.

The result of all of this open-concept air is a lot of open-air allergens flying around resulting in some Texas-sized sinus congestion and stuffiness due to allergies. My (former) secretary was a granola-head and she suggested the nebulizer and eucalyptus oil to help keep the sinuses cleared up while I was at home. It worked!

We had run out of eucalyptus oil several years ago, thus the sudden big idea to stop by Sprouts. Normally the parking lot is packed on a weekday night, but this time I noted that I was able to get a nice spot right up close. As is normal, I parked in between two typical suburban granola-head vehicles--a Subaru and a Volvo wagon. One had a "We did it!" sticker on it--the other had a "Hillary 2016" sticker.

Our Congressional district is 92% Republican and 8% Brain Dead. Guess where the Brain Dead prefer to shop?

So out of my pickup truck we get--replete with an NRA sticker, an Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association sticker (my additional carbon footprint), a Sea Ray logo and of course, my "Texas Secede" sticker--lest any of the Brain Dead doubt which side of the line I lean towards. We head towards the doors and my wife stops faster than our neighbor's Golden Retriever when it hits the electric invisible fence.

"What the HELL is this!" she practically shouts, pointing towards the sign on the door. It is the infamous Texas 30.06 sign written specifically for businesses and bureaucrats who are frightened by law-abiding citizens who own firearms and choose not to be sheep led to a slaughter.

She had her Smith & Wesson Airweight .38 in her gun purse, and I was toting my Beretta PX4 Storm in a Blackhawk holster. We'd just finished eating barbecue and then drove to the grocery store in our pickup truck. The quintessential Texas evening experience.

"Well, screw them," my wife declared, already spinning around and heading back to the truck.

It had been a couple of months since we shopped at Sprouts. Normally it was a weekly (at least) experience and after looking up our expenditures there over the past year, it was over $12,000. A few other family members spent more than that--they still have kids at home.

So I send a letter to Sprouts Farmers Market stating my disappointment, and I get some bravo-sierra boilerplate form response back from some little (or hell, she may be a lard ass for all I know) airhead named "Stephanie" stating how they are striving for a "safe shopping environment."

Uh-huh. Right. Just like the safe no-guns allowed theater in Aurora. Or the safe no-guns allowed shopping mall in Omaha. Or the safe no-guns allowed elementary school at Sandy Hook.

You simply cannot argue with idiotic liberal sheep (triple redundant)--they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.

So I took to Sprouts' Facebook page and posted the following, which I also sent to them in hard copy:

Your store in Flower Mound, Texas has a 30.06 sign on the door. Your boilerplate response is that you do not trust me, a veteran and former federal law enforcement person, to safely and professionally carry my handgun, concealed in your place of business.

Yes, I agree with your boilerplate response that it is your right. It is also my right and that of my immediate and extended families' to take the approximately $32,640 spent in your stores across north Texas in 2013 elsewhere.

Somehow you trusted me to carry a number of firearms and weapons far more capable than my sidearm into all manners of places around the world in defense of Freedom and Liberty. You trusted me to carry my firearms openly--even in your stores--while I was in the employ of the United States government enforcing our laws.

But now as a civilian, the very individual our Bill of Rights guarantees rights and protections to, you no longer trust me with the very same firearm I carried into battles abroad and countless hostile situations here at home.

I think you have the trust issue reversed: It is I who cannot trust you with my hard-earned money and my consumer loyalty. Therefore, I and my immediate and extended families (we're all veterans, by the way) will take our combined expenditures elsewhere.

In addition, I will make it a point to let every veteran in our area VFW and American Legion posts know how much you trust us. I will let every local, county, state and federal law enforcement professional I know that it's all right for them to visit your store while they are armed, but it is not all right for their wives, daughters or mothers to do the same.

In short, having defended your rights with my sweat and my blood and my life, I will now work to ensure that customers are aware that their rights are a distant second to yours--and that they should take that into serious consideration in deciding where to spend their hard-earned money.
No surprise that Sprouts chose not to respond publicly, but instead simply deleted my post from their Facebook page. No big deal--that's the way today's Big Business operates. Screw the little people, we have shareholders to answer to.

Who do these granola-heads think is going to defend them when bad times come? Who do they think is going to act neighborly and give them sanctuary when the roving gangs make it to the suburbs? How do they expect to defend themselves? One only need look at Chicago, Seattle, Anywhere Southern California (where the police are almost as likely as the gangs to victimize you), Detroit, Philadelphia, Denver, Boston, New York, WASHINGTON DC. . .

Oh well. I understand most granola-heads also believe strongly in Darwin. Works for me. In fact, I'll make some popcorn and watch.

I just won't buy it--or anything else--at Sprouts.


Old NFO said...

Well said sir, and I'm not surprised they deleted your post... They can't allow you to 'poison' their customers with facts... sigh

Anonymous said...

Well, Sprouts may delete it from their facebook, but that doesn't mean everyone else can't post it on their own facebook and share it all over the United States!