Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Live or Die: The Choice Colt, Ruger, Marlin and Mossberg must make.

Gun confiscation is starting in Connecticut.

Call it whatever you want, but the rallying foundation of those of us who have been fighting the anti-gunners have long since held that "Registration leads to confiscation."

When the Constitution State enacted anti-Constitutional laws that infringe upon the right to keep and bear arms and demanded that her subjects immediately begin registering certain firearms, a handful of subjects complied.

But more citizens chose not to.

Civil disobedience, I believe, is what the libtards like to call it when hippies burned their draft cards and marched in the streets, or when the Al Sharpton led race-baiters protested and called for George Zimmerman's head.

However, as the citizens are refusing to register their legal firearms, the Constitution State is now drafting and sending out letters of confiscation.

There are a number of problems here, obviously. But one of the biggest problems I, as a gun-owner, shooter and enthusiast have is the fact that at least four major gun manufacturers maintain a significant presence in Connecticut in spite of the relentless war on guns and those who own them is being perpetrated.

Colt, Ruger, Marlin and Mossberg. Four brands of firearms I have long admired and owned products of continue to operate in a state that is now moving towards outright confiscation of firearms it doesn't like based upon nothing more than cosmetic appearance.

The "assault weapons" the Constitution State (oh, what irony) gets their panties in a wad over are nothing more than dressed up semi-automatic firearms.

Colt makes an "assault weapon." Ruger makes an "assault weapon." Marlin makes an "assault weapon." Mossberg makes an "assault weapon." All four manufacturers have or have had semi-automatic rifles in their manufacturing lineups. Yeah, Marlin's was a .22LR but it was still a semi-automatic. Glue a pistol grip (or half-eaten Pop Tart) to it, paint it matte black and add a red-dot to it and it'll be on the "Dangerous Guns You Cannot Own In The Freedom Loving Constitution State" list.

I love my Colt firearms even though Colt fell seriously out of favor with me when they got all elitist and tried the "We're only going to sell to government and law enforcement" route. I love my Rugers, especially the decidedly deadly, dangerous 10-22. My Mini-14 is only a danger to anything broader than the side of a barn because as is most Mini-14s, its accuracy is such that it is hard-pressed to consistently hit the broad side of any barn. There is no finer revolver than a four-inch Ruger GP100. There are wheelguns just as good, mind you, but none better.

And the Mossberg. I love Mossberg pump-action shotguns. I've had my Model 500 with a wooden stock (I don't like synthetic stocks on much of anything) for almost twenty-five years. It's never even hiccuped or given any indication that it might not fire or perform exactly designed.

My days of purchasing new Colt, Mossberg, Ruger and Marlin products have come to an end.

So long as these major gun manufacturers remain in a state that is now in the business of firearm confiscation, I will not spend one damned dime supporting them.

Yes, I realize it is expensive to just "up and move." But consider this: How expensive has it been in blood, sweat, tears and the lives of our men and women, going all the way back to 1776, who fought for our freedom and defended our freedom throughout two-plus centuries? Are the gun manufacturers listed above simply willing to let those sacrifices ultimately go down in absolute vain because it's expensive to "up and move" from a location who has made it clear that your money is welcome here, just not your product or  your supporters?

It may turn out to be a helluva lot more expensive to stay.

Do the right thing, Colt, Ruger, Marlin and Mossberg. Pack up and leave. There are still plenty more states out here that are far more supportive of the Constitution rather than the Constitution State.


kx59 said...

I am really fond of my Ruger SR9c.
It runs like a champ.

The gun restriction ratchet will continue to tighten in Connecticut.
It's only a matter of time until the economics of said tightening will force them to move.
I vote they just all relocate to Tx.
Their overhead will drop markedly.

Bob Easton said...

As our friend, Vanderboegh, points out, there are at least 250,000 gun owners in the "Constitution" state and about 7000 LEOs. That ratio is about 3 times worse than what Custer faced.

Old NFO said...

At least Remington is getting out of NY, now the rest need to follow... Vote with their feet AND their $$$