Friday, February 21, 2014

Subhuman Mongrel? If you think that offends you. . .

As can be expected, the pansy-asses among us are wringing their hands and moaning over Ted Nugent's calling Barack Hussein Obama a "subhuman mongrel."

If this offends you, then my advice is to stay far, far, FAR away from your average Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) and/or American Legion posts.

Trust me, you'll hear the SOB/CIC called a lot worse than a "subhuman mongrel."

"But this is bad for gun-owners," some are saying.

BFD. You do not beg for your Constitutional Rights. You demand them. Millions of men and women shed blood for those rights. What do you suppose they would call a president who literally shits all over the very document they gave their lives to defend?

It'll be worse than "subhuman mongrel," I guarantee you.

Do we really need a list of all the transgressions Obama has perpetrated on the Constitution, those who defend it and those who revere it?

Apparently so.

• Fast and Furious and the death of a U.S. Border Patrol agent.
• Ordering flags to be flown at half-mast for Whitney Houston, ignoring the death of Navy SEAL hero Chris Kyle.
• Voter intimidation via the new Black Panthers (speaking of subhuman mongrels) in Philadelphia which the regime has refused to even look into despite freaking VIDEO EVIDENCE.
• How many gazillion executive orders?
• How many gazillion miles traveled on Air Force One for wife and family and how many rooms and hundreds of millions of dollars spent on hotels and luxuries while telling the American serfs we need to "tighten up our belts and stay away from places like Las Vegas."
• Sleeping through the Benghazi attack while getting ready to travel to Vegas for a fundraiser.
• Selfies and footsies with another head of state at Comrade Mandela's sendoff.
• Pushing for United Nations control over our Second Amendment rights.
• "If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon."
• The regime continuing to ignore black on white knockout game crimes, but vigorously prosecuting the one white on black knockout game--especially since it happened in Texas.
• Regime jackboots raiding Gibson guitar factory, charging a crime in which the alleged victim (India) said there WAS NO CRIME.
• IRS' targeting of conservative PACs, especially Tea Party supported groups?
• Denying Fort Hood survivors and victims their rightful benefits by classifying it as "workplace violence" rather than the terrorist attack it was.
• NSA spying on Americans.
• Putting monitors in newsrooms to ensure that the "priority news" is what is broadcast.
• Firing every flag officer in the military who is not in lockstep with his new vision for the military.
• Court-martialing four Navy SEALs for doing their job a little "too well."
• Court-martialing Marines for pissing on the bodies of dead Taliban--same Taliban who killed Marines.

And this is just a handful of the transgressions all from Obama's office that I could think of off the top of my head in the time it took to quickly type them out.

The son of a bitch is running our country into the ground and stomping on it.

And yet, we cry and moan over an aging rock and roll guy calling Obama what a huge number of us think he is.

"Bad for our image," is the rallying cry. And now Rand Paul is grandstanding and demanding an apology?

Mr. Paul. You can kiss my ass. We are in a war for the survival of our nation and our way of life. If you'd ever had the balls to serve and fight, Mr. Paul, you'd know that wars are not won--nor lost--with words.

They are won with conviction. Conviction of purpose and conviction of the objective. You blow-dried, pompous overpaid/underworked pansy-asses on Capitol Hill can hold all the filibusters you want, grandstand in front of the C-Span cameras until the cows come home, you can flood us with robot-calls and patronizing radio and tv ads, but at the end of the day, you are viewed by the overwhelming majority of the American people as being far more of the Problem than you are the Solution.

So one of us, an ordinary American citizen, calls the president a subhuman mongrel, and another political animal (Rand Paul) immediately gets offended and demands an apology?

Senator Paul, I believe you just exposed a little more of your true self than you would have preferred.

But that seems to run in the family.


Robert Fowler said...

" Fast and Furious and the death of a U.S. Border Patrol agent."

Actually it's two. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and ICE agent Jamie Zapata. Zapata was killed in Mexico while investigating Terry's death and the fast and furious debacle.

Glen Filthie said...

Thank GOD. And thank you, Tex, for having some bloody balls. Ted is absolutely right, of course, and lid is coming off this politically correct pot! It is effin' time to call a spade a spade.

Obama won the election based on the colour of his skin and not the content of his character.

An Ordinary American said...


Correct--two border deaths at the hands of Obama & Holder. There are yet more deaths linked to Obama--so many that he makes the Clintons look like a safe bet for life insurance policies.


Politically correct I am not. The outsiders looking in at Texas are trying to use Nugent's remarks and his support for Greg Abbot as a way of bolstering Wendy Davis.

Fat effing chance. Not much gray here in Texas. We're either hot or cold. Native Texans don't sit on the fence when it comes to values--we leave that to the Californian transplants.


Old NFO said...

Well said sir! And Texans DON'T pull any punches... Nor do VFW, American Legion or FRA members...

SD said...

Nugent apologized.

Glen Filthie said...

He shouldn't have. He was speaking truth to liars, and it is what it is.

In today's politically correct world it is a bigger crime to call somebody a nigger than it is to act like one.

It isn't racist if it's true.

An Ordinary American said...


This is what you get with today's political metrosexuals--an absolute spineless "stick a finger up to the breeze" useless pile of subhuman camel dung.

A politician's job is to serve their constituents by following the rules laid out in the Constitution.

Pretty damned simple, if you ask me.


ruralcounsel said...

Rand can ask for an apology all he wants ... no one should apologize though. He has no right to do anything but ask. One of those benefits of being an American is that you can have as negative opinion about your leaders as you want, and you can express it too.

Some politicians are trying to keep a lid on things, but the pot is already boiling over, thanks to the anti-Constitutionalists.