Monday, February 24, 2014

Gun Owners - 1. Piers Morgan - 0.


Perhaps one of the most obnoxious, imbecilic junior Pee-Wee talking heads of the mainstream media has just had his plug pulled.

I guess the next question is why CNN, headquartered in Atlanta, would want to bring an in anti-gun, anti-American asshole from Great Britain to wail away at every thing we do.

Doesn't CNN have enough anti-gun, anti-American assholes right there in their own employ in Atlanta without having to search abroad?

To be honest, the only time I ever caught a Piers Morgan snippit was on YouTube or if someone e-mailed a story to me. CNN, and all their affiliates, have long since been locked-out on every remote control in our household. MSNBC and MTV are locked out also along with most of the ESPN channels.

Life is too short to waste much time listening to the antics and rants of the Ted Turner nutsacks in his employ.

Morgan thought he could make a name for himself, send ratings skyrocketing and change the course of America by demonizing and berating gun-owners.

Well, Piers, don't let the door hit you on the bum on the way out.

Who's next?


kx59 said...

No, Piers, Americans didn't "turn on you". We were never listening to taking your bed wetting drivel to heart in the first place.
Head back across the pond and do your best to fight the phone hacking charges leveled against you.

kx59 said...

hate it when I do that.
strike "taking".