Friday, August 24, 2012

No WONDER we're so f-bombed up.

Let's see. . .

We have a hurricane/tropical storm approaching Florida. We have Chicago taking over as the world' most dangerous city. We have corruptness in Congress and the White House of the likes we've never seen.

Terrorists are plotting day and night with every waking molecule how to kill as many of us as they can. You can't even stand and look at the U.S./Mexico border without fear of some Mexican drug cartel skunk taking a shot at you.

West Nile Virus is running rampant in Dallas, Ebola is on a run in Uganda. AIDS is still the dark king of Death and the Invisible Children in Africa continue to multiply.

We have a dork in the White House who know one knows who he really is. We have a psychopath funding him (Soros) that can't die soon enough.

In other words, we're up to our ears in alligators and the rain just keeps coming.

Yet, look at all the attention, energy and MONEY focused on this.

No wonder we're screwed up in this world.

Our priorities are beyond out of whack.

They're fugazi.


Murphy's Law said...

Ignore the man behind the curtain and all of the problems that he has caused or exacerbated.

Erin Palette said...

As a Floridian, I gotta say that as of this moment all the hoopla about TS Isaac is hot air. We get nailed by multiple tropical storms and near-miss hurricanes from April to November.

Really, the only reason you're hearing about Isaac is because 1) the Republican convention in Tampa, and 2) today is the 20th anniversary of Hurricane Andrew.

Wake me up when it reaches Category 2 status.

Old NFO said...

Yep, all window dressing to keep from having to actually address REAL ISSUES... Re Armstrong, who GIF???