Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A legitimate jerk.

That would be Todd Akin.

First off, Akin is a legitimate idiot for spouting off the way he did.

Then his "understanding" of biology (a woman can "shut down" an unwanted pregnancy if it was caused by rape) makes him a legitimate idiot.

Now, the past four Republican senators from Missouri have asked him to step down and he refuses.

That makes Tom Akin a legitimate jerk.

Or, on the other hand, a typical politician.

If we ever, ever needed a poster child for what is wrong with American politicians, Tom Akin is it.

He doesn't give a damn about Missouri or America. All he cares about is himself.

He looks in the mirror and sees a U.S. Senator staring back. A member of the world's most exclusive club. One of the one hundred most powerful people in all of politics. He sees the riches, the perks, the gains that come with the job.

He doesn't give a legitimate crap about anyone other than himself. This is HIS shot for the legitimate big time and he ain't stepping down for nobody.

Anyone who legitimately thinks a woman's body can "shut down" a pregnancy caused by or as a result of rape is too stupid to be a U.S. Senator. In fact, they're too stupid to do ANYTHING that represents anyone's best interest.

The RNC has pulled their $5 million in advertising support and the Crossroads group (backed by Karl Rove) has also pulled their support. I don't know where Akin is going to find any legitimate support.

If I lived in Missouri, I wouldn't vote for him. I sure as hell wouldn't vote for McCaskill--which means I'd have to leave that box blank.

That would be a legitimate sin for me, but sin I would.

Akin. Step down, you legitimate jerk.


Anonymous said...


I am glad your back

Unknown said...

This guy is a disgrace to the party. Please go away..

Murphy's Law said...

Agree 100%. Very sad that we have to write off a virtual "can't miss" shot at that senate seat just because of this guy's ego.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I don't understand the logic that says not to vote for him or his opponent, and then claim that he's jeopardizing the opportunity to reclaim the senate, but not voting for him is different.
He may be a jerk, but he wouldn't be the only one we count on for a majority.

Rick said...

Akin is the idiot? Is there some built in knowledge you have that gives you some insight without actually checking? Because it turns out, Akin was referring to a published medical paper written by the president of Planned Parenthood. So no, Akin did not go off half cocked. But clearly, those he should be able to trust did. That Senate seat is critical, but it could be lost because too many people find it far too easy to turn on their allies. You think liberals will like you because you throw Akin to the wolves? You think letting bullies be bullies will stop them from using the same tactic of twisting words and feigning insult? You get in their face and defend your allies or they will do it again and again. Shameful, weak, complicit.