Wednesday, August 1, 2012

An old fashioned butt-kicking.

Ted Cruz didn't just beat David Dewhurst here in Texas yesterday in a primary runoff election. He kicked his butt.

 Several things were proven beyond doubt in the Cruz stomping:

1. Conservative voters have long memories. Dewhurst has never been a strong conservative and his record reflects it.

2. If you're going to run negative advertising, it better be factually correct.

Cruz pointed out Dewhurst's liberal voting and legislative record, which was a matter of public record. From the outset, Dewhurst ran from his record and instead tried to paint Cruz as an evil Washington insider trial lawyer protecting the Chinese.

The most despicable of the ads, however, came when Dewhurst ran ads insinuating that Cruz was defending a "cash for kids" detention facility scandal. That entire campaign was wrong and intentionally distorted and was far below the belt, even by dirty Texas political ad standards.

Note to politicians: We are not stupid. We know how to use the internet that "government built so businesses could make money off of it" to check facts.

3. The Tea Party is anything but over. Hell, we're just getting cranked up.

I wrote on Twitter that I hadn't seen a butt-kicking like Cruz over Dewhurst since the Cowboys laid the smack on the Buffalo Bills in successive Super Bowls.

The victory also tells you how full of pork excrement Obama is. Not too long ago, he slithered into Texas (Austin, which is where we tolerate our more radical liberals but only because they run the music bars and restaurants on East Sixth Street) and proclaimed that Texas "would soon become a battleground state."

He was right on several accounts.

In just the past two years, we've had a couple of major high-profile battles that pitted establishment politicians against local-values politicians. Our embarrassment of a (retiring) senator, Kay Bailey Hutchitson got her butt handed to her by Rick Perry in a classic "Texas values versus Washington values" gubernatorial race.

Just last night, David Dewhurst suffered a similar fate.

The battle was on and here in Texas, we threw the big middle finger at the establishment RINO Republicans.

Battleground state indeed.

There will be some upcoming battles in Texas beginning at the borders, which will include not just the Rio Grande River, but also the Red River.

On illegal immigration, we're fed up. We'll give Romney a chance to shore up the borders, but he'd better act quick. Otherwise, if he doesn't, we will. "Remember the Alamo?" Hell, we've never forgotten it. We WILL defend our southern border.

On the northern border (the Red River), we're getting tired of liberal yankee carpetbaggers coming down here seeking work and a better life but insisting on bringing their Chicago and Detroit and Boston values (oxymoron) with them. We are a solid Tea Party state and if the liberals, yankees and Californians don't like it, tough cow patties.

The Ted Cruz victory also reaffirmed something else the mainstream media refuses to acknowledge--that Sarah Palin is VERY relevant in conservative politics. Her endorsement and campaigning for Richard Mourdock in Indiana helped Mourdock stomp his own mudhole in one of the biggest frauds to suck air in Republican circles since Olympia Snow and Arlen Spector.

God Bless the Hoosiers, who also epitomize Tea Party values and strength.

Take a look around, my fellow conservatives. The Ted Cruz victory last night in Texas is affirmation that we are not just strong, but an undeniable force to be reckoned with.

If Romney is smart, he'll get the message and campaign accordingly.


Murphy's Law said...

That's freaking cool!

Dick said...

Thanks for the report, good stuff.
"If Romney is smart..."
He is smart, no doubt, but is he what he is saying he is. Or do we have a "say anything to get elected" guy who turns into a major RINO after being elected?

kx59 said...

The main stream media has chosen the Tea Party as their boogey man. For every card carrying Tea Party member, there's several like minded folks that voted Cruz, who are not Tea Party members.
Go Ted Cruz!
I can't stand that RINO Douche-hurst.

agirlandhergun said...

I heard about on the radio...very cool indeed.

Old NFO said...

Great news! :-) And yes, the Tea Party IS alive and well!

Bob S. said...

Great point about the negative advertising; it was what really got me looking at Dewhurst's record.

Anyone running that many negative ads that were wildly wrong had to be hiding something.

I also looked at some of the local and county races; more incumbents being kicked out, more tea party conservatives being elected.

The work isn't over...but neither is the (tea)party.