Thursday, August 2, 2012

Let's put HIS ass in uniform and see how he feels. . .

The commander-in-chief sues to keep his troops from voting.

Seems like a science fiction headline, eh?

Sorry. It's a factual headline brought to you by the communist and socialist faction of our governing institution, aka Obama and the Democratic National Committee.

I remember when Al Gore and the communists did this in Florida in 2000, whining that the military vote was unsupervised and took too long to get to the polls to count.

It disgusted me to the point that I took my little shoebox full of ribbons and medals and certifications and other such military memorabilia and tossed it all in the fireplace.

That is exactly what my military service had become worth--garbage.

I took several days off from work because the state of mind I was in was one of pure danger to anyone who agreed with the Dems and Al Gore filing suit to disallow the military vote.

You see, I've been there in remote places outside the U.S. borders filling out a ballot and handing it to a chaplain for courier service back to an FOB where it was collected with other remote ballots, SECURED, then helo'd to a divisional squadron or HQ depending upon which branch of the armed forces was closest. Then it was shipped to the states.

Sorry, Mr. Gore, that some of those votes weren't exactly on a timeline to you and your fellow communists' liking, but the troops WERE, after all, out there protecting YOUR ASS. Fine way to repay them, you son of bitch.

As for Obama? He's never been my president and never will be. But since he likes having the military chauffeur him around and he likes all the photo ops with the military and likes referring to himself as commander-in-chief, then let's put Barry's ass in uniform and stick him in a combat zone and let him stand directly in harm's way for a few weeks or months.

Let's delay his mail from Moochelle and his kids. Let's feed him the same MREs the troops are eating rather than that bullshit Moochelle is forcing into the schools. Let's have the CIC forego his weekly golf games in exchange for IED patrol duty.

Hell, he killed bin-Laden didn't he? Simple grunt patrol should be a snap for this poser-in-chief.

But let's let him do all of that then see how he likes having his vote argued in federal court and disallowed--over THREE DAYS of additional time for early voting.

Let's see how the arrogant, fraudulent sorry-assed son of a bitch likes that.


Old NFO said...

Once again it's about stopping votes he doesn't like... Most of the military votes Republican, and as you've said, this is a typical dem ploy... Especially since the Military is prohibited from speaking out on political matters (unless they are directed to participate in a GBLT parade)...

Anonymous said...

It is getting close to another 1776

Evyl Robot Michael said...

Typical. Let's push for illegal aliens to vote since they tend to vote Democrat, and let's deny those in the service the right to vote since they vote Republican.

Anonymous said...

Easy solution;force the coward republican leadership to investigate his birth certificate. Arpiao and the cold case posse have already proven beyond a shadow Barry is not a citizen. then all the shit he has created is null and void and he is off the ballot. If anything destroys this country it will be the cowards that allowed this phoney imposted to remain in office!

Murphy's Law said...

But on the other hand, he's using taxpayer money to sue states and force them to register voters from the welfare rolls...the people who have the least invested in our country are getting this preference while the ones who are paying their dues in spades are being locked out. Only in this Obamanation.

Anonymous said...

AMEN, AMEN, AMEN to all of the current comments.