Thursday, December 22, 2011

Who the hell does Obama, the Senate and Congress think they are?

So the house, spineless as usual, caved to the demands of the Senate and Dictator-in-Chief today by graciously allowing workers to keep a few extra bucks to themselves, temporarily, by extending the so-called "payroll tax benefits" plan or whatever the hell it's called.

The fraud that passes as president even twerped or twitted to get hard-luck sob stories sent to him, ranging from some schmuck who whined that the extra forty bucks lost would cost him and his kids a pizza party once a month.

Cry me a river of tears.

Another said he wouldn't be able to visit his dad 200 miles away as often--having to cut the visits down to three a month instead of four.

And so on and so on.

As usual, the liberals and sheep miss the entire picture. I'll spell it out for them, and anyone else who also missed the bigger picture. It goes like this:

Who the hell does the President, the Senate or Congress think they are by "granting" us a few more dollars of OUR OWN MONEY THAT WE EARNED BY WORKING FOR IT?!

Pretty simple, eh?

Why do we continue to let a bunch of stinking cesspotted pusnutted professional liars (politicians) tell US how much THEY demand we fork over every pay period?

Screw them.

We should be telling THEM how much we'll fork over, and we should be telling THEM exactly how they can and will spend it.

But instead, we beg and plead for them to let us keep a measly forty bucks additional per paycheck, and then thank them for agreeing to "extend" that gracious act of bravery for two whole months. Let me repeat my earlier reaction to that.

Screw them.

Congress, the Senate and the President are OUR EMPLOYEES--not the other way around. We tell THEM how we want things run.

Instead, we have too many lazy-assed entitlement mentality welfare parasites and underclass leeches that our politicians practically carry on their shoulders to the polls in exchange for their votes, and thus their power.

Screw them.

I'm sick and tired of wondering what the in the living hell the leeches in Washington are going to squeeze from me in order to placate and please the leeches among us who continue to feed at the public trough.

In November 2012, it's time to put those same leeching, lying politicians in the same unemployment lines as their most favored constituents.


Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is about as alien to America as is the Constitution is to Obama.

Anonymous said...

How is the Constitution 'alien' to Omama, numbnuts?

An Ordinary American said...


If you have to ask. . .


MikeChuk21 said...

No worries liberaldude,,, this blogger clearly doesn't understand the Constitution and how it works. If he did, he'd be aware that the imposition of Sharia law would violate the Establishment Clause.

An Ordinary American said...


I always find it funny how liberals want to change the constitution, yet defend it when conservatives point out the encroachment that is taking place, as that has been taking place for the past sixty years.

"Establishment Clause" eh? Another fantasy term created by liberal academics and ACLU types in an attempt to disallow nativity scenes on county courthouse lawns, the wearing of Christian apparel in government offices, et al.

But since you're such a strict Constitutionalist, then what part of "shall not be infringed" do you not get in the Second Amendment?

Or "due process" in the Fifth?

Or speedy trial in the Sixth?

The duality and hypocrisy of today's liberal is astounding.