Thursday, December 8, 2011

$100 BBQ Ribs.

Decided to pretty much take the afternoon off and crank up the Cessna for a trip south to Granbury, Texas.

Granbury is one of our favorite fly-in places. Lots of courtesy cars at the airport and the town insists on paying for the gas. Good fuel prices for the airplanes, too.

Lots to do in Granbury. They have a live theater that'll knock your knickers right off, plus a musical production that is other-worldly. The town square always has something going on and my wife's favorite handmade and custom furniture store just happens to be a slight boot-scoot off the square.

There's an old-fashioned drug store where they mix up your malts and milkshakes the way God intended them to be made and they use Texas' own Blue Bell ice cream.

Hungry? Good golly Miss Molly there is no shortage of places to eat--and almost all of them are local or family-owned. Our kind of places.

Decided to hit a BBQ joint today. For you yankees, a BBQ joint looks like this:

A Texas BBQ joint is usually situated on the outskirts of town, housed in an old building that sometimes looks like it's falling apart, or in the case of The Rib Shack, where Mama put out some trinkets and flowers so as not scare off the city folks from Dallas or Fort Worth or the idiots from Austin.

There's cold beer inside, a big screen TV, old-fashioned tables with plastic checker tablecloths (or sometimes just plain ol' butcher's paper), a condiments bar, and a serve-yourself soda fountain.

And BBQ. Heaping, helping mounds of slow-smoked, succulent, hand-rubbed pork ribs, brisket, sausage, ham and chicken. Jalopena peppers, cayenne peppers and spices keep the beer cold and flowing. Homemade pies and cobblers.


Here are a couple more shots of The Rib Shack. Should you ever find yourself in Granbury, Texas, this place is a must for you to visit. THE best ribs I've had any where in the entire United States. Bar absolutely none.

The flight back home was pleasant and I was racing the sun, but lost and ended up using the nav lights and landing lights on arrival. That's what they're there for, and why I stay night current.

Oh well. That's also what makes a spur-of-the-moment flying trip for a hundred-dollar-hamburger so fun. Or in this case, hundred-dollar-ribs.

Here are a few more pics from the trip home.


Light surface winds, late fall changing colors, and only a few minutes left before sundown gives Lake Worth a calm, beautiful look.

Power lines are almost obscured by the fall foliage as the late afternoon sun lights up these cliffs on a nearby lake.

I'm a sucker for small town high school stadiums seen from the air. Aledo High's football season is over, the stadium is quiet while it waits on the Friday night lights of the 2012 season.

Looking out the starboard side, Naval Air Station Fort Worth can be seen just beyond the bridge that crosses Lake Worth. Beyond the air station to the far left side of the picture, downtown Fort Worth.

Heading northbound and getting closer to home. What a great day for flying.


Tango Juliet said...

That's livin'! :)

Also Known As Anonymous said...

My biggest weakness.... baby-back ribs..

RVN11B said...

Long before I retired from the Army I had the interesting honor to make a couple of landings at that navel air station. Way back in the ummm early eighties late seventies I think.

We were a flight of three UH-1s heading home from Ft. Hood. Took us a couple of attempts since the weather was quite uncooperative!

What really cinched the deal was the sight of a NASA T-38 on the ramp with a busted nose cone.

The word was some very large hail stones did the deed. We returned to Ft. Hood and stayed overnight for better weather.

Sometimes I miss that crap! LOL!

Old NFO said...

Aw man, just go ahead and rub it in... :-) Sounds like a great day!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds good

Lisa said...

Nice Life! Didn't know you were a flyer.

An Ordinary American said...


I saw a picture of that NASA T-38. I heard he picked up that damage while in the air.

THAT sends chills up any aviator's spine!

Old NFO,

Rub what in--the hand-rubbed spices of those delicious, succulent, smoked, tender farm-raised ribs or the CAVU, light-winds perfect flying day?

By the way, I took that shot of NAS Fort Worth for you.


Yep, flying, shooting and boating are three of my greatest pleasures and pastimes.