Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What a horse's ass running for the U.S. Senate looks like.

The Southern Methodist University's mascot is the mustang. A wild horse.

Here in Texas, in ranching country, the south end of a northbound horse is known as the ass.

It looks like this man here, who happens to have once been an SMU Mustang football player and who was also part of the infamous payoff entitlement brat pack that caused SMU to be dealt the NCAA Death Penalty in the 80's.

The jock world is fickle, stupid, IQ-challenged and completely ethics and morals bankrupt, and the gravy-train of the jock kingdom is ESPN.

And naturally ESPN likes to stir turds at every opportunity and what better turd stirrer to bring on than a tird himself?

Enter Craig James, professional football commentator. College football commentator.

Among Craig's many problems and misdeeds he's done to us here in Texas, a huge one was to procreate, to reproduce, to spawn his entitlement-laced spermazoa and produce a little zygote who would grow up to be even worse than his sperm-donor.

Enter Adam James.

Follow this link and you'll understand and read all about why Craig James stands about as much of a chance winning the Senate seat here in Texas as a legless midget does of becoming the NBA's all-time slam-dunk record holder.

The James gang has now ruined two successive successful collegiate football programs in two successive generations--SMU and Texas Tech.

With any luck, Adam James will get a vasectomy. Many of his former teammates at Texas Tech hope he will. Here are some of their thoughts and comments about him as archived by CBS Sports.

If only his grandfather had. . .

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Old NFO said...

Yeah, definitely NOT a shining star there... in EITHER degeneration... And he's too stupid to realize it!