Monday, November 21, 2011

Tea Party versus OWS. A pictorial contrast in values.


Unknown said...

Of course, as Nancy Pelosi said, "Thank God for the Occupy Wall Street protestors." From my opinion it just shows how much of an Anti-American pig she is!

Anonymous said...

OWS has more of your interests in mind than the lame "founding fathers....this and that" crap of the dummies at Tea Bagger rallies. The question is, are you that stupid or racist to see this?

Keep being a lapdog for the corporate right who have sold our democracy to a handful of lobbyists who couldn't care less about the needs of a middle class.

An Ordinary American said...


I've been keeping up with the forecasts.

It's gotta be cold up there in those porta-potties, and, the generous capitalist corporate lapdogs aren't going to keep giving you hippies free WiFi forever you know.

Take a bath and go get a job.


Anonymous said...

Polly wanna cracker?