Saturday, November 5, 2011

Don't like my flag?

Don't like me flying the American flag?

Then kiss my ass.

I'm sick to death of pissant HOA managers and other metrosexual misfits who have such a problem with VETERANS flying the flag that we served under and protected.

Worse, I'm tired of every time a veteran protests or vows to refuse, these pissants go squealing off to find some goddamn lawyer.

As usual, we have a national holiday coming up to honor the men and women that left home, put on their nation's uniform, and stood in harm's way who cannot fly their own flag at their own residence because it might "lower property values" or "encourage others to fly distasteful banners."

But when the veterans complain, the HOAs or property managers run screaming in fear to their lawyers, who then threaten and blow hot air and stomp around and look for TV cameras to pontificate and huff and puff in front of until the veteran is forced back down.

Lawyers are today's modern-age gunslingers.

I prefer the old days with the old ways where a lawyer had better be as good with his fists, a pistol and his wits as he was with the law itself or else he got an ass-whipping of epic proportion and thought twice about filing some frivolous lawsuit against someone or defending the local rapist.

Nowadays, it seems like the ambulance chasing, publicity-whoring lawyers reproduce faster than bacteria on a locker room floor.

A veteran served and fought to defend the law, not have it hid behind or prostituted in the name of protecting "property values" as is so often the case with these HOA freaks.

But for the large part, we're a nation of apathetic asses. As long as we don't miss American Idol or Dancing With the Stars or whatever flavor-of-the-year hit reality show is on, we don't care what happens outside our little doorsteps.

That's how we got a marxist in the White House and it's why we have more laws in our tax code than we can comprehend and it's why some people have said ENOUGH.

I'm not apathetic. I fired off one nasty letter to my Congressman, who also happens to be my neighbor two streets over. Told him that if veterans were by God good enought to risk their asses protecting the country, then they should be good enough to be protected at least twice a year from any petty legal bullshit that might arise when they want to honor their comrades by flying the very flag they served under.

Personally, I think they should be able to fly their flags whenever they want, but again, we have too many pinko bedwetters running around who are too easily offended.

My flag will be flying over our property this Veterans Day.

If that offends you, too bad.


Expatriate Owl said...

'Tis the star-spangled banner: O, long may it wave, O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

I look forward to seeing the Stars & Stripes flying (or, where, in most cases, I cannot actually see the Colors flying, at least knowing that they have been hoisted up the flagpole) in public parks, at veterans' residences, and at American homes here and abroad!

To the Colors!!

tha malcontent said...

My flag will also be flying over our property this Veterans Day and ever Holiday..

RVN11B said...

One would think that with so many of those POS HOAs and limp dick apartment managers having lost both credibility with the public, and their butts in court, they would have learned a valuable lesson.

Guess not.

Then again I suppose that explains many of them being in those 'esteemed' and 'honorable' positions.

brianduffy said...

Wow! You're one angry redneck dumbfuck aren't you? Lol!

Old NFO said...

Same here, and MY Apartment complex is HAPPY to see the American Flag flying!!!

onesonek said...

My Stars & Stripes will be flying proudly as well.
Well said AOA !!!!

Flier389 said...

Our flag will be up and flying. And if and when it offends some one... to hell with them.