Thursday, November 3, 2011

A man with a vagina.

Every once in a while, you read a story that you have to re-read not just a second time, but a third time because you're still having a hard time believing what you read the first time.

In this instance, it involves a man--and I use the term as loosely as is humanly possible--who is suing a 65-year-old wedding photography business because he didn't like the pictures shot at his wedding.

From 2003.

He wants the wedding company, as part of the lawsuit, to fly everyone from 2003 back in and recreate the whole thing. But there's just one catch.

This walking vagina is no longer married to the bride.

I wonder why.

I find it doubly interesting that this putz hasn't been employed since 2008 and that his big-bucks daddy is a letterhead partner of the shark pit representing Junior, although Junior claims to be paying the attorney's fees himself.

Huh? How does a guy out of work for the past three going on four years pay attorney fees for possibly the biggest bullshit court case in the history of New York City?

Curt Fried, co-founder and partner of the wedding photography company was a Nazi concentration camp survivor who came to America, worked hard and started a successful business that for the past 25 years has photographed hundreds of weddings, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs, reunions, etc.

And now some dickless divorceé who takes his leaks sitting down is suing because he didn't like the pictures taken eight years ago at a wedding to a woman who he is no longer married to.

Best quote of the story is from Mr. Fried himself:

Mr. Fried, now 87, chuckles at this idea: “He wants to fly his ex-wife back and he doesn’t even know where she lives.”

What if the rest of the wedding party doesn't want to show up at this loser's lawsuit re-creation, is he going to sue them too?

What if he doesn't like the cake, gonna sue the bakery too?

What if his ex-wife, intelligent woman that she (obviously) is, says no way José to a reunion to Todd for the purposes of one last smooch and dance? Will she be sued next?

Abuse of the legal system. Todd J. Remis is a poster child.

Fortunately a single poster child, as in unmarried.

Let's just hope this loser gets a vasectomy. Unfortunately, his father didn't and we see the results of that.


PISSED said...

When they came for the lawyers... I pointed them out.

SHAME on the courts for allowing this to even be thought of!!

Tam said...

So, wait, having a vagina is a bad thing now?

Old NFO said...


Tam said...

Oh, never mind. I see that you're using "has a vagina" as a synonym for "worthless and weak".

I'd call you out on that, but you'd probably just penis out. :p

ozzie679 said...

Chazz Bono has a vagina.

An Ordinary American said...


Men should have the proper plumbing which compliment the proper hormones, one of which makes men prefer to exercise bladder elimination from a standing position rather than a squatting position.

I do think the subject of this post, however, has some hormonal confusion as to how he should acquire income, namely by earning it (by working for it) rather than suing for it by using a woman who was smart enough to leave him.

Todd Remis is simply another indicator for me why I think it's beyond time to put a woman in the White House in the CiC's chair.

And for that matter, speaking as a veteran myself, it's probably time to have a woman as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Or. . . maybe me and guys like Old NFO, Mudbug, Shiroi, Everett, et al are just dinosaurs.

The above was my politically correct, sensitive "New Age Man" version of explaining my headline.

The reality me should've just written, "Here's a man who's a real pussy."


An Ordinary American said...

Oh, and PS Tam. . .

Your second comment had me spitting my shrimp cocktail all over the living room floor.

Our Doberman wishes you'd write more things like that. (grin)

As far as your first comment, so long as the vagina is attached to the proper gender, it is most definitely not a bad thing for most of us guys. (even bigger grin)



Anonymous said...

Tex, I know frenchmen with more guts than that! Why, that is shameless grovelling if ever I heard it!!!!

Mind you I wouldn't do much better I suppose. I have learned there are only 4 words you can say to a woman and survive:

"Yes dear, you're right!" Anything else and a man risks a fatal beating.

An Ordinary American said...


I think the world of Tamara--we're fellow Lewis Grizzard fans--and I can ONLY imagine where the conversation would've gone if it had been over a couple of beers. . .

And any way you slice it, I would've lost. She's never been one to let a low hanging curve ball go anywhere except out of the park. (grin)