Tuesday, November 15, 2011

ATF: Chore Boy scrubbers must be registered and taxed as suppressors.

The Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

ATF. Or as we called them in my day, "Assholes, Turds and Fuckheads."

No, they were not popular with other federal law enforcement agencies or agents. Even the IRS CID people were more liked (which is not saying a damn thing), and the local law enforcement agencies despised ATF universally.

Why? Because ATF is a solution in search of a problem.

Seems the problem now is a common and popular household scrubber called Chore Boy.

It's a copper scouring pad you can use to clean your cast-iron cookware, stubborn stains on your sink, etc etc.

A lot of gun-owners use Chore Boy pads to augment the cleaning of their bores and cylinders. I have a couple of boxes of Chore Boys at an undisclosed, secret buried location only known to one of my GPS units, that I have also hidden and which now takes another GPS to find it.

Why all the secrecy? Well it seems the geniuses at ATF now think that Chore Boy scouring pads facilitate crime and illegal activities with firearms by merely having the possibility of being used as replacement or substitute material for low-grade manufactured suppressors.

That would be "silencers" in the vernacular of the ignorant anti-gun crowd who are clueless as to the difference.

Oh, and by the way, ATF isn't stopping at Chore Boy cleaners. They're coming after your insulation, too.

Didn't "Fast and Furious" teach these imbeciles anything?

What we have with the ATF is another glaring indicator just how out of whack and out of control our government has become. What were the famous words? "I'm from the government and I'm here to help you," or something like that.

I've called my Congressman and two Senators and raised "raising Hell" to a whole new level. Fortunately, my Congressman only lives a block over from me and we run into each other quite a bit when he's not in session. He's actually a good guy, relatively new in DC and is a staunch Tea Party supporter who votes accordingly.

But I still let him have it over this ATF Chore Boy bravo-sierra.

The two senators (Hutchison and Cornyn) are worthless asswipes, so I held nothing back. The numbnuts room-temperature IQ girl at one Senator's office told me that I was "obviously angry."

Damn straight I'm angry.

As bad as I detest ATF, they are simply indicative of a far bigger problem we have. And until we get angrier and louder and start raising more hell, nothing is going to change.

If you'd told someone, anyone, ten years ago that Chore Boys would be on the national "banned" or "must register as a lethal weapon" list, you would've been laughed out of the room.

But here we are today with a well-funded, untouchable government agency working to do just that.

Remember it. Remember it today and for damned sure, remember it next November.


Don F said...

...and just how do I go about cleaning my copper pans???? What if I have to bring some to Grandma's for Thanksgiving? This is getting ridiculous! Who elects these people?

Old NFO said...

YGTBSM!!! Damn, if they ever come check my apartment I guess I'm screwed, since my safe is within 30 feet of the kitchen where my Chore-Boys are sitting under the counter... sigh...