Tuesday, April 14, 2009

United is dying. Welcome to the Divided States of America.

Americans should be scared of the present administration that was elected to Washington. Damn scared.

For the first time in the history of this nation, we have a President who is not only appeasing the very Muslims who've declared war against us, but now we have a President who is also identifying with them.

The fact that this President is apologizing for America pisses me off. Mightily. And to that, I have a message for the Kenyan imposter and Muslim sympathizer:

Mr. President, I did not vote for you, or support you in any way or form at any time during your political career. You DO NOT represent me. And since half of the country did not vote for you, nor do you represent them. Please do not speak for us. Speak for yourself.

If this President is going to insist on speaking for America, he should clarify things a bit. He should say things like, "The majority of my supporters, which comprise only about half of our nation, think that America has been arrogant in the past. The other half, who opposed me, do not believe so."

And while we're at it, I would urge the President to continue his use of the moniker "America" rather than the "United States."

After all, we're no longer United.

How long has it been since a clear, overwhelming majority has supported a president in an election? I believe it was back during the Reagan versus Carter, then Reagan versus Dukakis. Only victories I've seen that were more lopsided were the Dallas Cowboys versus Buffalo Bills Super Bowls.

But when Clinton blew his saxophone and bit his lower lip into the White House, the nation began becoming less United and more "what's in it for me" oriented. The trend continued throughout eight miserable years of Hillary's shrieking, Bill's infidelity, Janet Reno's hideousness and Leon Panetta's flip-flopping. The election between Al Gore and George Bush cemented the end of United as we know it. It also began an ugly trend by the Democrats which continues to this day--the effort to disqualify ballots cast by soldiers, sailors and airmen serving overseas. More on that at a later date.

For a brief few moments immediately after September 11, 2001, the nation became United again. But within months, the typical appeasement pacifists and screeching liberals regained control over the media, and we once again were only America or "The States." No more United.

For eight years of George Bush, we were not United. We had ordinary Americans on one side, and on the other we had the media and the screeching liberals who blamed Bush and Republicans for everything from war to warts, global warming to burnt toaster pastries, and everything in between. It was all carefully orchestrated to put another liberal in the White House, except this time, the media and the screeching libs would not be satisfied with just any President; no, this time a truly divisive individual had to be put in office.

Nothing divides America like race. So naturally, it was time to further divide America and put "a person of color" in the White House. And the media did exactly that. And with the election and anointment of the nation's first president "of color" and one who openly empathizes with the very factions who attack us throughout the world, the "United" in "United States" went by the wayside.

The media and liberal faction knew that a United nation would never elect a president who empathized with our enemies and openly preached socialism. So they placed the race card and the fear of being tagged as a racist to further divide the nation. Along the way, they demonized the conservatives and everything that had happened in the past eight years--conveniently ignoring that Saddam Hussein was out of business, as were his murdering sons, and that America had not suffered an attack since 9/11.

So the media and the left divided America in half, and then divided even further. And it worked. Hussein Obama was elected president of America, but not the United States because again, we are no longer United. And now we're plundering through record high unemployment, a global recession, piracy on the high seas (kudos to the SEALs for zapping three of those four assholes), record foreclosures, record number of businesses shutting their doors, layoffs and record cuts in our military/defense spending.

To counter that, the Kenyan imposter is using tax dollars--your money and mine--to buy banks and auto manufacturers. That's called nationalizing, and it's a damned dangerous path. But then again, so is electing a Muslim sympathizer to the highest office in the land. So is electing a guy who promised to take more of your money and give it to those too damned lazy to work as hard as you do.

A United States would never have fell for that. But a Divided States let it go.

So now we're on the eve of April 15--tax time, and it's bad.

People are seeing a little bit more money on their paychecks--if they're fortunate enough to have a job--since the Hussein administration has "reduced" the amount of withholding taxes taken out of your checks. But that is still Hussein's money--and next April 15, 2010, you'll be paying it back.

We used to call that Smoke and Mirrors. It was bullshit back then, and it's bullshit today.

A United States would never have fell for that. But our Divided States of America simply isn't paying attention. More money in their pocket for now, and to hell with later. Who's on American Idol and what time does it start? That seems to be all we care about any more.

A war is brewing. Another civil war. But this one will not be along geographical lines, but rather ideological lines--and it will be even more brutal and bloody than the one that began brewing and finally erupted over 150 years ago.

United is out. Divided is in.

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TXshooter said...

I find it sadly hypocritical that the party of such things as "peace" and "tolerance" and other assorted "can't-we-all-just-get-alongisms" is the no-holds-barred, hands down, unquestioned leader in sowing hatred, divisiveness, and discontent in the country they claim to love and serve.

They cry for "peace," but cut off funding for our troops that can provide just that. They pass laws assuring that the criminal element will remain forever armed. They fight to remove all mention of the Prince of Peace from public utterance. Frankly, their notion of "peace" scares the hell out of me.

They claim "tolerance," and tell us how accepting we should be of various lifestyle choices ranging from granola-munching, leaf-licking vegans to those who would perform unnatural acts with those of the same gender, or worse yet, underage kids and for all we know, farm animals.

But is the reverse true? Obviously not. The most hated group in America today is the Southern, Christian, pro-gun, conservative, familiy-oriented, heterosexual male. NONE of the aforementioned categories are politically correct or acceptable in this new regime that has finally acquired its much-desired power.

Piss on 'em all. I say secede.