Wednesday, April 15, 2009

In Texas, We've Had Enough

The Representatives of the people of Texas spoke loud and clear today. And, they put it in writing.

"We've had enough."

As a proud, native Texan, I'll add two words to that: "more" and "damnit," as in "We've had more than enough, damnit!"

H.C.R. 50 serves “as notice and demand to the federal government, as our agent, to cease and desist, effective immediately, mandates that are beyond the scope of these constitutionally delegated powers” and that “all compulsory federal legislation that directs states to comply under threat of civil or criminal penalties or sanctions or that requires states to pass legislation or lose federal funding be prohibited or repealed.”

As some may or may not know, Texas joined the Union by treaty--not by annexation. We can secede from the Union, and we can subdivide into five states. Friends of mine at the airport have "United States of Texas" stickers on the tails of their airplanes. I have the patch. It's a beautiful thing.

When is this arrogant, idiotic federal government along with the crybaby socialist liberals who run it, going to finally figure out that the people who work and make this country work, have had enough?

Perhaps more importantly, how are the arrogant idiots going to get the message?

Some say through the ballot box.

Maybe. But after seeing the travesty of election justice in Minnesota today with Al Franken's annointment. . . . I just don't have much faith in ballot boxes anymore. Not when a Democratic pollster suddenly "found" a box full of ballots in his trunk--ironically, the overwhelming majority of which came from Democrat voters. Not when several precincts turned in more Democrat votes than what they had for total number of registered voters.

There used to be a time in which Democrats were somewhat respectable. They claimed to be for the working man, the little business guy, and so forth. Those days are simply gone. The Democrats are now made up of and run by people exemplified by the likes of Hussein Obama--the most dangerous person ever to have set foot in, let alone resided in, the White House. Hillary Clinton, with her unabashed power grabs and mysterious unexplainable string of deaths during her husband's eight years of personal and political infidelity. Joe Biden, the great plagerist. Ted Kennedy, a legendary, deadly drunk who wants to spend everyone's money but his own and for whose nephews, date-rape is considered safe-sex. Safe, because if you're a Kennedy, you're safe from prosecution.

Tax-cheats, unabashed adulterers, aberrant lifestyle promoters and supporters, domestic terrorists (PETA, ALF, ELF, et al), crooked trial lawyers (redundant), transgender freaks, generational welfare recipients and cheats, Medicaid fraudsters, draft-dodgers and flag-burners. . . these people make up the core as well as the rank and file of today's Democratic Party. To acquire even more supporters and voters for the Democratic party, recruiters scour our nation's "skid rows" looking for bums and winos to register to vote--promising them booze and cigarettes in return. They scour our nation's prisons, looking for paroled felons--even though I was always under the impression that felons couldn't vote. . . in spite of Hillary trying to have that little detail either overturned or overlooked. They scour our nation's housing projects, looking for people who've never had a damn job in their life who've instead slopped like a hog at the public trough. They wade through the hordes of ILLEGAL ALIENS (aka CRIMINALS) looking to fraudulently sign them up to vote.

This is today's Democratic Party. And today's Democratic Party runs today's federal government, aided and abetted by a sympathetic mainstream media.

Well today, Texas said, "We've had ENOUGH."

We have modern day Democrats here in Texas. Most pollute cities like Austin and Dallas. They originally spawned in northern cesspools like Philadelphia, Detroit, New Jersey, Boston, Chicago and of course, New York. They oozed easterward from the likes of coastal California, Oregon and Washington--where I'm sure the inland residents were happier than hell to see them gone.

But too bad for these infestations from the north and from the left coast. There are far more native Texans who cherish our indepence and independent nature. Far more Texans who are fed up with these meddling Yankees and Californians. And more than enough native Texans smart enough to live far from the concrete sewage pools known as Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio--and instead reside and live in towns like Lufkin, Gainesville, Nacadoches, Longview, Amarillo. . . and even smaller communities like Sulphur Springs, Seymour, Tulia, Spur, Tahoka and other places that are just dots on the map.

These are the places where you'll find the true values of our great state. And these are the places where today's Democratic Party is about as welcome as the chicken pox.

HCR 50 and its declaration is a good thing.

It's a polite, peaceful--but make no mistake about it--firm way to let the rest of the nation and the federal government know that we've had enough.

Or as I say, more than enough, damnit!"

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