Monday, April 20, 2009

TSA is antithesis of USA

I must've woken up in the wrong country this morning.

Upon checking my e-mail, which is a hit and miss proposition depending upon my mood, I found a note from my favorite uncle with a "you need to check this out" line attached. I did, and in following the link to a You Tube video, my blood began to alternately boil and chill.

The TSA, also known as the Transportation Security Agency, and also known among my circles as Mall Ninja Rejects (translation: not even qualified to be a non-gun toting security guard at malls empty parking lots), jacked up and detained a United States citizen at the St. Louis airport.

His offenses were multiple and egregious.

Offense number one was having Ron Paul stickers on his luggage. According to the Department of Homeland Security, that is a tipoff that the young man is a high-probability right-wing conspiracist and extremist.

Imagine that--supporting someone who supports the United States Constitution makes one a an extremist and conspiracist, according to our own present day government. Now under Hussein Obama, America's first Muslim supporting, sympathizing and supporting President, anyone who supports the United States Constitution rather than Hussein Obama's mandates and "plans," makes them a subversive.

But enough of that, and on to the more serious of the young man's crimes.

He was carrying cash. $4700 to be exact.

The mensa candidates who wave the TSA insignia and badges at Lambert Field Airport, St. Louis, took this to be "highly suspicious" and detained the young man. Then they began asking the United States citizen the kind of questions that I thought only occurred on old movies you see late at night dealing with Nazi German days or some poor schmuck caged by the Soviet KGB back in their day.

You know the type questions: "Tell us what we want to know and you will not be harmed. Otherwise, if you do not tell us what we want to know, we'll take you downtown to the Station where you can talk to Hitler himself."

Or, another favorite: "Well, comrade, if you have nothing to hide, then what is the problem with answering our very simple questions? If you do not, comrade, we will consider charging you with State Treason and let Comrade Stalin preside over your sentencing to the gulag."

You probably think I'm kidding, or being overly-dramatic with my satirical "examples" of questioning. Can't happen here in the USA, you say--you've got to be pulling my leg.


In fact, this is straight from a story in the Washington Times:

On the tape, Mr. Bierfeldt is asked repeatedly where he works, where he obtained the money and why he was in St. Louis.

In each instance, Mr. Bierfeldt asked whether he was required by law to answer the questions.

"You want to play smartass, and I'm not going to play your f--ing game," the TSA official said.

The TSA goons repeatedly threaten to take the young man to the "station" where he will "explain himself" to the DEA and FBI. And then they throw out the favorite, "If you don't have anything to hide, then what's the problem with answering our questions?" line.

Unbeknownst the TSA/Mall Ninja reject goons, the young man began recording the interrogation almost immediately after the goons pulled him away from the check-in area--and the recording made its way onto a Fox News program, and then onto You Tube.

Here is the link:

The head TSA flunkie kept asking the young man why he had so much cash--as if it were any of his damned business. The young man kept asking the TSA goon if he was "required by law" to answer that question. From listening to the TSA goons, I would venture a sizeable bet that they know as much about the law as Michael Jackson knows about testosterone.

The mainstream media loves the TSA. They love to rag on the TSA when appropriate, but only because they can remind all of America that TSA was one of George W Bush's abortions. They love TSA as an alternative to trained, ex-military pilots keeping a handgun in the cockpit. (Never mind that the handgun has more locks and harnesses on it than a seventeeth century debutante's chastity belt.) They love TSA for the sense of "security" dumbasses like today's liberal media get when seeing overweight/under-brained Darwinian rejects running from one banana tree to the next in our nation's airports posing as security experts.

And so, with this love affair the mainstream media has with TSA, naturally there has been very little airplay or mention of this incident. But thank God for the internet and Fox News and patriotic ordinary Americans who aren't afraid to stand up, shout out and raise hell over such travesties of civil rights. The Washington Times immediately ran a story on it, but thanks to the Washington comPost, the Times gets often overshadowed.

Is there a lesson in all of this? Absolutely. The number one lesson is that our rights are being trampled more and more with each passing day. And as much as I despise the Muslim President, he can't take all of the blame in this--although he could damned sure fix it.

No, this little burueacratic turd known as DHS and TSA was the sole making of the illegal-immigrant loving George W Bush. Rather than enforcing the laws in place to protect us from those who would invade our borders, Junior Bush chose to align himself with his appointed cronies who would prosecute those who protected us from the criminals invading our borders.

Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean went to prison thanks to Junior Bush's pal and appointee, US Attorney Johnny Sutton , for shooting drug-smuggler and illegal invader Osvaldo Aldrete-Davila--who by the way, had over 700 pounds of marijuana in his van. Sutton, incidentally, has his own questionable past regarding overzealous prosecution and the use of questionable evidence. Didn't matter a damned bit to the Junior Bush Justice Department--Sutton was a pal, a crony and an appointee. He was untouchable.

Vincente Fox, Mexico's Chief of Corruption (aka President), was also a pal of Junior's. Can't have the Mexican criminals getting shot on U.S. land--it just isn't fair. So two good agents get felonies slapped on them and go to prison. Drug dealer and illegal invader Davila gets full immunity.

That's the (expletive deleted) government at work protecting your rights.

And now, your government is still hard at work protecting your rights with goon squads like the TSA in airports like St. Louis rousting United States citizens who dare support people and groups who support the Constitution.

And the idiots in Washington wonder why so many of us are so pissed off.

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