Monday, August 26, 2019

Mandatory military service for all who favor socialism.

So I'm reading a couple of stories about how the millennial idiots of our generation are embracing socialism over capitalism. I have some reasons why this is happening:

• Chiefly, the parents of these twits have not instilled pro-American values in their kids because in many cases, the parents themselves are cowards. They talk tough among fellow RINO sheep, but when challenged outside of their comfort group, they fold like a low-bid government card table.

• The administrators within the public indoctrination system, often erroneously referred to as the public school system, is comprised largely of communist losers who were pansies in high school, pansies in college and remain pansies in life. Only in the protected cocoon of the administrative offices within the public indoctrination centers can they have any power or authority over anyone. And since socialism likes to pretend that everyone and everything is equal and that those who have achieved success have done so unfairly, these pansy-ass losers set the doctrine to teach that socialism is good, capitalism is bad.

• The single biggest collection of crack whores ever assembled in one profession--aka, The Mainstream Media. Journalists are the epitome of "unmarried marriage counselors." Most sports journalists either never played the game or were an abject failure in it or were never good enough to get past the most basic levels. So naturally, they go to public indoctrination centers (public universities) and become journalists where they are then given free reign to wail on achievers.

Likewise, we have propaganda-spreaders posing as journalists who begin their stories or reports with a clear agenda, and then "investigate" to substantiate their agenda. The best thing to come along in the field of "journalism" has been the mantra of "fake news."

Finally, bullshit created for pubic consumption has a name that is apt, accurate and appropriate.

So for all these young twits who think socialism is a great thing and who are embracing it, I propose the following, either individually or in tandem or in combination with each other:

• Mandatory military service in a front-line combat unit. Here, the young millennial twit-twat will get a first hand look at the true inequities of socialism. Our generation and previous generations saw socialism and facism first hand courtesy of wonderfully compassionate governments like World War II Germany and Italy, North Korea, North Vietnam, Cambodia, Cuba, Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua and now Venezuela.

• If the twit-twats can't qualify for military service, then put them to work for four years of mandatory community service. Pay them, but pay everyone the same--the senior people same as the junior people, the supervisors same as the entry-level. The harder working kids will be assigned more work--but not get any more pay for it. The lazy kids will enjoy the same breaks, benefits and pay scale as the hardest working. If the hardest working bitch about it, they'll have part of their paycheck taken away and given to the lazy.

• Either in the military or community service, all the twit-twats will live in communal dorms or barracks. They can do a little individual decorating, but nobody can have a better mattress or bed than anyone else. Hot water for showers and shaving will be rationed and use of water will be monitored.

• Food will be allocated equally regardless of income or ability to pay. The twit-twats will be issued food credits and not allowed to sell or trade those credits. If the food at the local store runs out, too damned bad.

• Oh, and one last thing. If/when some of the twit-twats get out of line and commit vandalism or a crime or badmouth their bosses or government, who is providing this wonderful socialism, they will be summarily snatched out of their job or dormitory, given a quick trial, found guilty, and then sent to forced labor camps.


No. It's reality. It's the reality of how every single society on the planet has ended up--faster rather than later--that has been stupid enough to employ socialism.

So any young twit-twats that want to embrace socialism, you can start today. In Cuba or Venezuela.

But not in my country.

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