Sunday, November 6, 2016

Hey FBI, you stink.

Fidelity. Bravery. Integrity.

That used to be the respected and revered motto of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

No more and no longer.

There is an old adage that a fish rots from the head down. In this case, the fish is named James Comey and this fish is the biggest of all the fish in the ocean of investigators, bureaucrats, technicians, admins, custodians and career-climbing oxygen thieves (management) that comprises today's FBI.

And you now stink. Every damned one of you.

Your leader has sold you out not once, but twice. And yet we hear nothing in protest from any of the special agents of the nation's largest federal law enforcement agency. There have been a few anonymous whispers but all in all, there is the "fear for one's job."

You stink.

Your stench is of cowardice, not Bravery. The odor is now intolerable and does not represent Integrity. You're more concerned with the fraternity of fellow employees in the FBI and DOJ than you are the Fidelity you swore to the Constitution.

"Don't judge us all by the actions of our feckless leader," you'll protest forcefully. "We're just doing our jobs."

Your job is to provide allegiance to the Constitution and the People of the United States--not to your leader or director or any goddamned politician.

We have a presidential candidate with almost three-quarters of a million unsecured e-mails in which a bevy of classified information was found and your agency did nothing. We have perjury by this candidate to Congress, and you did nothing. We have a criminal corporation hiding in the wool of a charitable foundation that is raking in hundreds of millions of dollars from nation-states and individuals known factually to be directly funding the enemies of our nation, and you did nothing. We have dead bodies going back almost three decades and you've done nothing.

So, the question that is begged is: Are you just that incompetent or does the Bureau now have, from head to toe, the well-known stench of corruption to bathe in each morning before the daily denial of duty begins?

Are there any agents left among you with the Bravery to do the right thing and speak out?

If not, then America has her answer regarding the Integrity of your agency.

And it stinks.

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