Sunday, October 16, 2016

When the media is as stupid as the source of their story.

As many of my book readers are aware, I'm a retired advertising agency executive.

During my tenure in the world of Madison Avenue, I did a great deal of work with professional athletes who endorsed or gave testimonials to the products and services our clients offered.

We also paid a lot of money to not just the athletes, but to the networks who televised the games. And no sport was more expensive to advertise with than the National Football League. And no single event cost more to advertise on back in the day than the Super Bowl.

I have a hunch that Super Bowl ad rates will start off being excessively high, again, this year, but given my years in the (advertising) industry, I know what I'd be ordering my media buyers to tell the executives at Fox Network to go pound sound when they handed us the rate card for a thirty-second spot.

Advertising rates are based upon Nielsen viewer ratings as well as projected viewership, in the case of special events. If the executives at Fox balked or argued, my response would be for them to commit a sexual act upon themselves that is, in theory, physically impossible as we handed them a box of chapsticks with one hand and painted a bullseye on our butt cheeks with the other and urged the execs to pucker up.

You see, the viewership ratings for the NFL have plunged and continue to do so.

In the link above, the Washington Post propagandist either doesn't get it or he is so beholden to the editors that any mention of why the viewership ratings are down were stricken from his fantasy script.

To put it bluntly, as the ratings give indication to, the American public is sick and tired of seeing a bunch of overpaid, underworked spoiled man-children mocking the values and morals that the overwhelming majority of the NFL's fan base adhere to--and worse yet, doing so with zero recourse from the head wuss of the league, Roger Goodell himself.

The politics of the NFL have become largely insufferable for a number of fans and they have responded by cancelling their NFL packages. Others, such as our household, have refused to tune in to an NFL game, and yet still others have not only cancelled or refused to watch a game, they have actively contacted advertisers and raised pure hell about not supporting brands and services who continue to support these spoiled man-children and their disrespect of our nation's flag, the veterans who fought for and defended that flag, and our nation's law enforcement who stand between civilized society and the nonsense we've seen in Charlotte, Ferguson, Baltimore and elsewhere.

Yet many in the media still doesn't get it, as evidenced by the Washington Post damage-control piece. Of course, this is the same media who still doesn't even begin to grasp why so many Americans from all political leanings have abandoned the traditional party lines and flocked to the Donald Trump camp.

It's called fed up and for once, Americans are truly voting with their pocketbooks--and the NFL and their lackeys in the networks are beginning to feel the pain.

And it's about damn time.

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