Thursday, March 20, 2014

Mr. Child Molester, your civil rights have just been revoked.

Seems that there was a big raid by federal agents that resulted in a huge child pornography ring getting busted up.


My next thought is, "Let's not waste time and money on trials for these rabid animals."

I can hear the cowards (liberals) screaming now, especially the deranged, subhuman freaks of that national group that is trying to make it legal for fifty-year-old men to have anal sex with five-year-old boys. NAMBLA or something like that?

Shoot those people in the head. They cannot be fixed and they pose a grave danger to our kids. In the words of an old law enforcement buddy of mine, "They are defective and their warranty is voided. Return to manufacturer."

Damn straight.

Kiddie porn and sexual crimes against children continue and are getting worse because we, as a society, have become a little too squeamish about exacting the harsh and final justice that those defective beyond-repair humanoids who prey on our children deserve.

These creeps do not fare well in prison, often turning up dead. Why should they fare any better in free society?

We had a registered sex offender pop up in our neighborhood some ten or so years ago. For the record, our neighborhood is middle/upper-middle class income in the far northern suburbs of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. The demographics show that in our neighborhood, better than four out of five homes have at least one college graduate with most families having both mom and dad being college educated. The income range is commiserate with the education.

So what's a pervert who had been paroled twice from the Texas Department of Corrections for forcible rape of children between the ages of seven and eleven years-old, male and female, doing in our neighborhood?

Living with his scumbag parents who'd rented a house. In fact, the house had been subrented without the knowledge of the property management company who was responsible for the occupancy of that property.

The creep in question had served less than fifteen percent of his total sentence but somehow managed to slip through the cracks of a broken justice system. We have an informal neighborhood watch group on our end of the cul-de-sac. Almost all of the families living here have children or grandchildren. We don't tolerate people racing their cars down the street, door-to-door solicitors or teenagers in their "thump thump thump" subwoofer rap-crap stereos with wheels disturbing our peaceful little existence.

We don't call the police. We handle these things ourselves. We do it nicely and in a polite, yet firm manner and rarely have any repeat occurrences.

An armed society is a polite society. You better believe it.

So when a twice-convicted Chester the Child Molester shows up on the DPS Watch List living half a block down, word got out fast. Mailboxes had a picture of the creep within twenty-four hours, and in this case, police were alerted--but they told us until he "did something," there was nothing they could do. . . that he had "rights."

Since when the hell does a convicted child rapist who sodomizes pre-pubescent little boys and girls have rights?

Not in my world.

The creep shows up in our cul-de-sac walking a puppy dog. The oldest cliché in the Chester book of malfeasance--but it works. Children are drawn to puppies and kittens like moths to light. Within two minutes of this creep showing up and talking with a couple of six-year-olds in the front yard of our across-the-street neighbors on that Saturday afternoon, he found himself looking down the barrel of a Mossberg 500 (mine), a 1911 .45 ACP (the ex-Army dad of the two kids), an AR-15 (newly married young couple at the end of the cul-de-sac) and a snarling Doberman (ours).

It was explained to him in very brutal, graphic terms what would happen the next time he was even seen anywhere in our entire suburb, let alone our neighborhood. Nobody was smiling and nobody was kidding. Three loaded guns with trigger fingers itching to pull and an infuriated eighty-five pound German dog with an attitude and the angry faces behind them got the message across.

Two of us escorted the creep down to where he was living with his parents. We informed them that they had seventy-two hours to "get the hell out of Dodge" or they just might find themselves experiencing a similar fate as the scumbag son they raised and were protecting. For the record, these parents were not the Cleavers and had the attention of law enforcement as well. How they managed to afford the rent on the house was beyond all of us. Didn't matter and we didn't care. Get the hell out of the house or we'll burn the sonofabitch to the ground. A call to the property management company sealed the deal. They were aghast that not only had the property been sublet, but done so to convicted criminals.

We had a problem that posted a very real, very dangerous threat to the children in our neighborhood. Had we gone through proper police channels, there is a good chance the creeps could still be living here, over a decade later.

Don't blame the police for that. Blame the dickless politicians and bleeding heart civil libertarians that give more sympathy and credence to child rapists than the parents whose child was raped by these defective subhumanoid animals.

On the story I linked to up above, it seems one of the animals managed to avoid the snare. At last word, the authorities were trying to locate him. He posted pictures of himself sexually molesting a toddler between the age of twelve months and eighteen months.

He posted pictures of him committing this crime.

What was that about him having rights again?


Old NFO said...

Good for y'all! DIRECT intervention does tend to get perps attention!

Wraith said...

Well said, and well done.

Thomas said...

But better be D****d sure you got the right guy! Given how often the "Boy's in Blue" hand out the "child molester" tag, you don't want to hang the wrong person.
BTW, What are you gonna do about that 23 year old teacher with the 14 year old student "boy friend"?
Does she get the same talk?
Even if she (and her husband) are part of your Stand Up Neighborhood?

An Ordinary American said...


In spite of your pandering towards these animals and making excuses by comparing a grown man sticking his penis inside the reproductive genitalia of little girls not even ten years old with an adolescent boy having a romp with his sex-ed teacher, sane and intelligent humans can see the difference.

The creep who found himself the object of our hatred had been paroled TWICE for forcible rape and sodomy of both boys AND girls. He liked his victims under the age of ten.

He was paroled by an overworked, politically appointed parole board who still had remnants of a liberal wacko Democratic governor that snuck in to office during the era of Clinton. We corrected that problem in 1994 and have not had a Dem gov since and probably never will.

In both court cases, DNA and physical evidence was entered. The SOB confessed in the second trial. His victims positively identified him.

I'm leaving your comment up, Thomas, because quite frankly, your defense bothers me. I saw people like you when I was overseas in uniform who defended grown men raping young men and women because "it was just part of their culture and who are we to tell them they were wrong?"

Culture has nothing to do with it. Protecting our children from predators such as those exampled in the post is a responsibility of all decent human beings.

You, Thomas, are part of the problem. There is no gray area here when it comes to forcible rape of any human being.


thomas said...

I am glad you got the right guy.
This time.
What happens when it isn't the "right guy"?
My point is, that when pointing out the advantages of Vigilante Justice, you'd best be prepared for the blowback when you get it wrong.
Not Defending rapists or rape.
Not telling you that what you did was wrong.
Not disagreeing with your right to do it.
Just wanting to know if you have thought through the larger implications.
I agree that "some folks just nedd hangin'". I just want to ensure (as much as possible) that we get the right folks.
And my last question still stands.
What about this rash of young female teachers raping their minor, male students?

Anonymous said...

You don't seem to understand. The knee jerk reaction you had "but what about this Female...... Or what about if you might get it wrong.....". Is the problem. He didn't get it wrong. Nobody got hurt. And the kids are kept safe. AOA and his team should be applauded, not second guessed. Leave the second guessing for those who are wrong. If they get involved, and break the law, they should be questioned and Punnished. AOA did neither. Good on ya AOA. Be safe

Thomas said...

Oh, I understand very well.
In fact I approve.
That said however, I fear what happens when the folks doing the "message sending" are not AOA and his neighbors.

That is what seems to be conveniently "Not Understood" by both AOA and yourself.

Yes, it worked this time.
It may very well work other times.
But Heaven help you when it does not work out well. What happens when the accused molester decides that he does not want to be counseled and decides to fight back?
You folks aren't the only ones with firearms and a desire to protect yourselves........

tweell said...

We had a group of drug dealers move into the neighborhood. The police were 'observing'. Everyone armed themselves and we had a chat with Mr. Dope Peddler and his fellows. They were gone the next day - I gather that they were practiced at moving their operation. The police were very unhappy. Everyone's attitude was "Too bad."

Spikessib said...

Good job!. My only concern is that you just moved them on. What if their next hole is near children who don't have parents and neighbors with the wherewithal to protect them? In cases like this, where the perpetrator has admitted is guilt and been released twice by the legal system that is supposed to provide protection for society from just this type of criminal, I am more in favor of employing the Triple S Strategy.

Rebel Mississippi said...

Great work here, well written.

Just trying to get in touch - if you could send an email my way when you get a chance I'd appreciate it.