Monday, March 10, 2014

Reason #7 why I carry a gun.

I carry a gun with me virtually everywhere I go except for Illinois and New Jersey.

That would be because I refuse to set foot in either of those states.

As a veteran, I fought for freedom. Illinois and New Jersey are at the height of freedom-suppressing corruption. In fact, no locale anywhere in all of North America has the corruption history of Chicago, and my sympathies go out to the Land of Lincoln because the cancer that is the Windy City has fatally infected the entire state.

I give you Illinois juries as an example.

Here we have the epitome of an absolute scumbag decrepit piece of crap who somehow learned to walk upright and on two legs. He and another humanoid go into a fried chicken joint to rob it and end up murdering seven innocent people.

Seven innocent people killed by these two pieces of human sewage.

Inside the Cook County jail, the perp gets violent with one of the jailers, who in defense, punches the son of a bitch in the face.

The jailer had no way of knowing that fourteen years later, that would be a half-million dollar blow he landed to James Degorski's face. 

For half a million dollars, I wished the jailer had rendered Degorski unrecognizable, unconscious and unresponsive.

Seven innocent victims dead at Degorski's hands. They only got buried. Their families got condolences. Their murderer got almost half a million dollars.

Did some of the OJ jury's cancer spread to Illinois? Or did perhaps the corruption Chicago has always been known for make its way to California?

Let's not let the scumbag lawyer off the hook here. Jennifer Bonjean was crowing after the verdict that it was a "great day for civil rights."

Question for you, counselor: What about the civil rights of the seven dead victims your piece of crap client murdered? How great of a day was it for them.

I carry a gun because I've seen violence up close and personal. I saw it in the military and I saw it in law enforcement. Rabid vermin like James Degorski only respond properly to one form of deterrence, and that is repeated aeration via lead projectiles.

It's obvious the justice system in Illinois--local, state and federal--is more worried about the civil rights of the murderers and crooks rather than the victims and the innocents.

If you need proof, simply look at our present administration in Washington that hails from Chicago. They prosecuted Marines who pissed on dead murderers known as Taliban. They prosecuted four Navy SEALs who did their job a little too well. They hung an ambassador and two former SEALs out to dry and be killed in Benghazi, then another Chicago product screeched "What difference does it make?"

I hope someone shoves a spiked baseball bat up Degorski's ass in prison.

And I hope his communist lawyer, Jennifer Bonjean, finds herself the recipient of the Knockout Game. And then I hope her assailants sue her for not bleeding enough.

Civil rights, indeed.

Ilk like Degorski and Bonjean are why I carry a gun.


Old NFO said...

What I find interesting is that what they did was NOT allowed to be brought up in the trial, e.g. the jury didn't know they'd killed 7 people... And concur on Bonjean, let HER see how it feels...

Glen Filthie said...

How did this happen, Tex? Is there a cretin factory that manufactures these liberal morons? How do they amass the power they do? Has it always been like this?

I'm sorry but it has gotten so bad that a drunken lynch mob can dispense more honest justice than our professional judiciary does.

Anonymous said...

Please don't throw all of us in Illinois in with the cancer that is Chicago. During the last election for Governor the entire state lost because of the numbers game.

Sucks really, it is scum like this lawyer from Chicago that gives the Land of Lincoln a bad name. Now we're just the home of numerous imprisoned governors, mafia run unions, and devil bread lawyers.

Robert Fowler said...

Anonymous said...
it is scum like this lawyer from Chicago that gives the Land of Lincoln a bad name.

Actually, she's from NYC, not Chicago. I always thought they should put a tall fence around the whole mess. About once a week, throw guns and ammo over the fence until the problem solves its self.

I don't care for lawyers. I think most of the are OK and then you have these liberal idiot pisswits that think it's their job to free the oppressed. What this turd and his bitch lawyer need is to be DRT.