Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Meet the new Sandra Fluke.

Y'all remember Sandra Fluke, right? The floozie broad who chose to attend a Catholic based law school (Georgetown University) and who could somehow afford to go there plus live in the Washington DC area--but she couldn't afford to pay for her own birth control.

I opined in this very blog when the hooha brouhaha first broke that Fluke didn't need to worry about birth control because she was uglier than homemade lye soap.

Oh how I heard from ugly feminists. Many sent me pictures of themselves, ostensibly trying to make me go blind, I suppose.

At the root core of the argument, it wasn't about sex. It was about entitlement.

Here we had an ugly liberal slut (is there any other type?) demanding that we taxpayers pay for her bedroom and backseat antics all the while she is getting a world-class law degree from a university whose Catholic sponsorship doesn't believe in, nor support birth control.

Didn't matter, said the Flukers. They were entitled. 

Now we have another little entitlement princess, again from the northeast, who if Obama had a white daughter, this would be her.

Rachel Channing, of Morristown, New Jersey moved out of her parents' home when she turned eighteen because, as the story goes, they wouldn't let her drink and carry on with her boyfriend (who they didn't like) and they wanted her to observe a curfew and be respectful and do a few chores around the house.

Not this little princess!

She left home and moved in with her BFF, which my kids tell me stands for "Best Friend Forever," and which some reports up in Jersey-land say is her boyfriend.

Fine. Let the entitled little wench pack up and leave. Maybe she'll learn something.

But no. The brat then does what brats like to do. She sues.

You read right. Rachel Channing filed a lawsuit against her parents seeking $650 a week child support as well as continued tuition for the private school she is attending (where she is a lacrosse player and cheerleader and hopes to later become a biomedical engineer), plus tuition and expenses for college. The lawsuit is paid for by her BFF's father. Talk about your douchebags.

I've got to hand it to princess Rachel, she makes Fluke's entitlement mentality look downright ghetto-ish compared to what she thinks she is entitled to.

I'm gonna blame the parents a little bit. This is what happens when you spoil your offspring without requiring anything in return. Throwing money at your kids and acquiescing to their every whim only results in spoiled little shit-ass punks that have all the value to decent society that cockroaches do in a five-star restaurant.

But still, at eighteen the pouty little princess is an adult and as such, her parents don't owe her a damned thing. No more than the taxpayers or Georgetown University School of Law owed Sandra Fluke a case of condoms.

I'm hoping that every human resources and hiring manager across America will burn the name and face of princess Rachel Channing in their mind, and when it comes time for this little brat to apply for a job, they laugh in her face while wadding up her resume and throwing it back at her.

Even better, toss a condom on the resume before wadding it up.


Murphy's Law said...

What galls me is that her friend's dad is the one that hired the lawyer for her suits, and is now demanding that her parents reimburse him for the cost.

If her dad wants to whip this interloper's butt, I'll move there just to get into the jury pool if he gets arrested for it.

And glad to see your blog up again!

Old NFO said...

Yep, that IS a new 'record'... sigh

Craig said...

Observing this and the entire sociopolitical spectacle presently in this county - Am I the only one who feels like Benjamin looking through the glass at Manor Farm?