Monday, March 24, 2014

KIlled in Jerkwater, USA. For vagrancy.

 Just like from the movie, First Blood, a homeless man is camping in the foothills outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Some real he-men Rambo hunters with badges find him.

They want to serve him a citation for illegally camping.

It's $10.

Instead, they murder him.

This is what cold-blooded murder by the police looks like.

It was in southern New Mexico that the police sodomized an innocent citizen and made him submit to three enemas--all without a warrant--because they thought he might have drugs. Just a random traffic violation, biz had been slow and this guy might have had drugs.

Outside of Taos, we still remember the video of state police firing on a minivan that had kids inside over an alleged speeding ticket.

As New Mexico voted blue the last two presidential elections, we have elected to not only not travel to the Land of Enchantment (better change their state slogan) and spend our money, but cancelled plans for buying acreage outside of Cloudcroft to build a cabin.

Law enforcement in New Mexico has never enjoyed a stellar reputation to begin with.

I used to think it couldn't get worse.

Leave it to the Albuquerque Police Department to prove me wrong.

Note to Law Enforcement: One day, the American citizen as a whole is going to wake up and decide to view you, the police, as you seem to view us--a crime waiting to happen. In doing so, the American citizenry will deal with you, under those terms, the exact same way you deal with the citizenry.

Shoot first. Make up a story. Move on. Repeat.

Law Enforcement? You have no one to blame but yourself.


Old NFO said...

Damn, they are totally out of control... Why no LTL? They HAD the equipment there??? Looks like they provoked that confrontation!

Glen Filthie said...

I am no cop, and I know you can cherry pick facts and vid clips to support any argument you want...but I cannot possibly see any circumstances that would make this a righteous shooting.

There wasn't even any remorse. What is that Tex? Manslaughter or 2nd degree murder? I am no lawyer either...

craig said...

Certainly meets the criteria for 1st degree homicide as far as I can tell. I'd like to say I am shocked but I cannot.

Robert Fowler said...

I noticed that they used a beanbag gun after the other cop shot him with his rifle.There should be charges, just on that fact alone.

Anonymous said...

This person committed death by cop. He refused to obey legimate orders and was armed. He was also a mental case.

Its sad to see the usual cop hater stuff.

An Ordinary American said...

$10 fine worth killing someone over? No cop-haters here because the shooters in that news story were not cops. . .

Not one cop I ever served or worked with during my time in that line of work would've done that. Not one.