Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dear Mr. President

I was reading a column by Dick Morris in The Hill in which he predicts a very sizable victory for Mitt Romney and then goes on to explain why.

As usual, I pay a lot of attention to the Comments section in media stories as this is where you'll often get the opinions of real Americans. In the comments section of this story was a letter to Barack Obama. It is so good I had to share.



“To be, or not to be, that is the question . . .”
William Shakespeare
October 18, 2012
Dear Mr. Obama,
May I ask you a stupid question . . . :) . . .
Did you ever start a business? Did you ever try to convince someone to buy a product, other than malarky? Did you ever go online and do those forms with regard to opening a business? Have to answer that really dumb question “Does this business manufacture or distribute, alcohol, tobacco, or firearms?
I wonder if Eric “Fast and Furious” Holder ever read that last part?
I know this line of questioning is stupid. Because Americans know the answers. The answer is no. You’ve done none of this, and it shows, other than gun running and to do that you had to become President! I have no such ambition.
Guys like me, at this point in the “Obama Depression” just want to keep food on the table stay out of the clink and avoid people like you because all you do is make people broke or dead. That is a skill set I happily lack. So does Mr. Romney who the American people desperately want to elect to lead the “Romney Recovery!”
You see, the American people have a very refined dipstick for malarky. These debates have demonstrated that you, and the liberal media are full of it, Ms. Crowley should have just hopped up on the table with a set of cue cards and given you a gold star at the end of that debate at Hofstra.
Further, that Mr. Romney possess the character, competence, and the raw capability to sit in a chair that had we left empty these last four years we all would have been better off.
While at times we have let our guard down and allowed citizens who share your perverted views on liberty, and the free market, to inhabit that office “We The People” are wide awake and raring to go now, just like we were in 2010.
Why you ask are we so agitated? Because we innately sense that this is a point in history that will be looked back on as a “to be or not to be” moment in American history. “We The People” have the rarest of opportunities to get the right citizen, into the most important job, at the right time.
We will.

Joe Doakes


Old NFO said...

Oh THAT is a home run!!!

Unknown said...

Love the letter and the "emperor" picture.

RVN11B said...

If I had the literary expertise to come up with such a jewel I would have done so myself.

I think I will hoist a tall one in salute to Mr. Doaks.

RVN11B said...

This is a prime example of what I was referring to.

That last should read

Mr. Doakes!

Liberalmann said...

Dick Morris the disgraced prostitute toe sucker? LOLOLOLLL!!!

And by the way, Rmoney's plan is even worse than the Bush plan which got us into this mess. Do the math.

agirlandhergun said...

Great response!

Liberalmann said...

The short version: Analysis of Obama's first term and whether it will be regarded as the Presidency with 'historical consequences' it has been or tarnished by the right.