Monday, July 9, 2012

Bullying. You know the solution.

It dismays me to no end that there is a growing legion of people in this country that rely on the government to do everything for them.


I keep reading and hearing of this "bullying" problem, and quite frankly, I don't see where the problem is.

Actually, I do and it is with the person or people being bullied.

It's called cowardice. But here is a nice video showing the reality of 99% of all bullying situations.
Bully gets his ass kicked.

That's the way I was taught to handle bullies when I was growing up five decades ago. It worked then, it works now.

It's not necessarily "laying hands on someone" that is the point--it's standing up to the bully and giving it right back to them with the implied PROMISE that you will kick their ass by and with whatever means necessary to end the harassment or threats or bullying they are laying on you.

I was a pretty small guy growing up and the bigger, older neighborhood kids kicked my ass now and then just for the hell of it. My grandad, a WWII vet, encouraged judo lessons. From there, I added karate and in a couple of years, I found myself going after a couple of guys who'd shoved down a kid on crutches.

It infuriated me, and I went after the two guys without thinking. About fifteen seconds into the brawl, it dawned on me that this judo and karate stuff really DOES work. When you focus your discipline and power into your punches and kicks and use your opponent's momentum (and ignorance) against him, you can deliver a fearsome ass-kicking.

But today, we as parents run to the principal's office crying and sobbing and demanding that THEY do something about the bully who is bothering our precious Percy or Priscilla. As adults, we go crying to human resources or EEOC demanding THEY do something about a bullying co-worker or supervisor.

Bullies do what they do because they do not respect the person they are picking on. Fear generates a healthy dose of respect. If you don't believe me, ask any veteran who went through boot camp. We feared our drill instructors and knew, without a doubt, that they could kick our ass seven ways sideways to Sunday.

But because THEY also knew it, the need to "bully" wasn't there. By the end of our eight or twelve weeks of basic military training, mutual respect had been achieved.

You can achieve the same thing in the civilian world in eight to twelve seconds if you simply stand up to the SOB who is bullying you and promise what we called "violence of action" and have every intention of following through.

It's a mindset you have to acquire, which is why we're such a spineless nation ruled by bullies. It's much easier to run whining to the government to make more laws against bullying than it is to stand up to them and/or teach our kids how to stand up to them.

Spare me the talk about lawyers and courts and police. Simply STANDING UP to a damned bully will win three-fourths of the battles. Tell them to kiss your ass and howl at the moon.

If you live in fear, it is because you choose to live in fear. Bullies are nothing new, nor is standing up to them.

But again, we choose to be spineless.

And to prove it, our U.S. Government is the biggest bunch of bullies there are, and we don't even have the guts to vote their asses out of office.


Unknown said...

Hear, hear!! Well stated.

kx59 said...

The one and only son went through this. I told him, "when you've had enough, just double up your fist and hit him right in the nose as hard as you can. You'll get into trouble with the school, but you won't get into trouble with me, and I'll be there to back you up."
He did, and I did.
Grade school principle sweated out his boxers as I reamed him over why he had too few teachers on the play ground to keep this from repeatedly happening to my son.
It's been a long time now, but I might have mentioned "lawyer" in there somewhere.

Old NFO said...

Good post and good points... We used to go out behind the school and just 'handle' things... I didn't win every time, but I got enough licks in to stop the crap.

RVN11B said...

That particular video has got to be my favorite to date.

Similar crap happened to me in both junior high and then in high school.

Being a new kid in school was bad enough, but being a new 'white' looking kid, being five foot four, and wearing a cowboy hat, was fuel to the fire.

I ignored the routine ignorant racist remarks, but the slap up side the back of my head, knocking off my hat was the last straw.

That 'fight' lasted about ten seconds. I got a sore right hand, he got a really nice smashed nose and sore balls.

There were a couple more later on but I did gain respect.

Bottom line I hate bullies and will never tolerate them no matter where or who they are. In closing I won't tolerate bullying my kids either.

Anonymous said...

I dunno Tex. School's changed, the kids have changed and the teachers have changed.

In my day if I was bullying you and you kicked my ass the teachers would look the other way while you did it. Further, afterward I would probably be punished. Lord help me if Mom or Dad found out because then the wooden spoon or the belt came out.

Today, teachers live in fear of the parents. Most of those parents no longer spank them. Their kids bring guns, knives and drugs to school. You stand up to a bully today, you had better be prepared to take on the school board, a possibly psychotic kid, or a kid and his gang, and a gaggle of liberal lawyer lickspittles.

We really need to take our schools away from the liberals, the unions and other cretins that are warping our kids.

An Ordinary American said...


KX--I got suspended from school once in junior high and once in high school for stomping a couple of bullies through the floor.

It was worth every minute of suspension because I was never hassled again.

NFO--As long as the win/loss column favored you, that was all that mattered.

SUERTE--Exactly. I still remember my instructors. They made a huge impression on me.

RVN--I liked that video, too. Just more proof that often times, the loudest mouth belongs to a jaw made of glass.

Anon--I've lost a couple of jobs because I stood up to bosses/supervisors who mistakenly thought they could intimidate/bully me and hold my job over my head.

I reminded them that they were ONLY my boss inside these four walls--once we all stepped outside of them, they were just another idiot whose mouths were writing checks their asses couldn't cash.

Bullies count on people being afraid of school boards and lawyers and cops. That's why when you fight back, you either do so--or promise to do so--with a ferocity and violence of action that literally scares them so bad that they will do anything to avoid you.


agirlandhergun said...

Living in fear is a choice and it's not a good one. I know people hate when I say this, but I would rather get my ass kicked than cower in fear. This is, of course, a whole new way of thinking for me.

But school are different. My son was bullied and even though I never told him to, he fought back. Zero tolerance and all, he was suspended. As whimpy as I was that solution made no sense. I took my son for ice cream and my husband had a rather interesting conversation with the principal.

Howie Honky said...

I was a skinny little guy with asthma and plastic framed glasses. You might think I was bullied. You'd be right. At least, for a while. One of the bigger kids in the 3rd grade used to knee me in the butt from behind or push my books out of my hands then laugh as I stooped to pick them up. I laughed too, hoping he would leave me alone. He never did.
But one day some construction guys had been pouring a slab on the playground, to install one of those old water fountains with the push=pedal, and they left some one0-by-four boards lying around which had been used to frame the cement. So I waited quietly for the bell to ring and when the kid came out of the door onto the playground, I bashed him in the back as hard as I could with a board. He went down and had trouble breathing.
so I whacked his legs.
I dropped the board and told him if he reported me or gave me any trouble in the future, I would kill him.

Since those days, I have had my butt kicked a few times, and I have kicked a few myself, but for the rest of my days at that school, that kid never even said a cross word to me. So it just goes to show y0ou, even a bully can be reasoned with. You just have to get his attention first.