Thursday, April 19, 2012

Stormtroopin', Stranglehold, Just What The Doctor Ordered--Ted Nugent exposes Barack Obama.

I doubt that Ted Nugent ever envisioned the travesty that has become the 44th president of the United States when he wrote songs like Stormtroopin', Stranglehold and Just What The Doctor Ordered.

Just as Nugent spoke metaphorically at the NRA's Annual Meeting in St. Louis this past weekend, the titles to the above songs also speak--not so metaphorically--the tragedy that has become America under Barack Hussein Obama.

The biggest tragedy of the Obama misadministration is the not even subtle attack on the First Amendment, in particular, Freedom of Speech.

During the pre-Revolutionary War days, to even criticize the King of England was an egregious offense punishable by a variety of ways including public whippings, being put in the stocks or being jailed. Our Founding Fathers knew then that stifling the public opinions of the citizenry as it pertained to views on the government was a dangerous enemy of Freedom.

So they wrote that into the very First Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

They gave the People the strength to protect and defend it with the Second Amendment.

But under this total asshat of a president, to criticize him--metaphorically or not--borders on a criminal offense.

By now, everyone reading this should know pretty much what Nugent said at the NRA meetings. If you don't, you can google it.

I heard, nor read, zero physical threat to Obama or any elected leader from Nugent. What I did hear was a strong metaphorical message to ride into the election polls and get rid of the sanctimonious, communist bastards presently in power.

And for the record, Nugent did not simply focus on Obama. Anyone involved in this administration, including House and Senate members was included.

Freedom of Speech. Exercised by an American citizen. Now being investigated as a harassment measure by the Secret Service.


The Black Panthers--the enforcement arm of Eric Holder and Barack Obama--put out a bounty, publicly, on George Zimmerman's life and this administration doesn't say a damn thing about it.

Eric Holder and his coordination and orchestration of Fast and Furious that resulted in the murder of a United States federal lawman, and this asshat president continues to back his racist thug attorney general.

Thirty-two states either proposing or passing voter ID laws and the Obama administration is challenging every one of them.

Message? Obama cannot win the 2012 election without massive voter fraud.

But these hypocrites state that voting and any restrictions whatsoever is a civil rights issue. And in the same breath, they sic the Secret Service on Ted Nugent for exercising his civil rights via free speech.

Clean house this November.


RVN11B said...

I suppose I have been or will be, soon, investigated for my outspoken dissatisfaction with the President and his assorted garbage band. Oh well!

Liberalmann said...

My god you are stupid, sadly uninformed and quite the hater/racist. You are a Fox/Rush parrot.

Nugent is a moron who publicly crapped his pants to get out of the draft. Is that what you call a patriot? Really?

Despite the GOP's attempts to suppress the vote in the 2012 election by requiring ID, Obama will win big. Funny how the loony wingnuts always throws the founding fathers in our faces when it serves them but when it comes to protecting the right to vote-one of their biggest causes-they throw them under the bus.

Old NFO said...

Amen... enough is enough... Re-Elect NONE!

Mudbug said...

I'm so jealous. I wish I had a lib troll of my own. Did you rent one from Berkeley or just buy one from Mass.?

Anonymous said...

Uncle Ted is correct to kill a snake you need to cut off its head.
Some advice to Liberalmann get back on your medication and stay off the internet.

The Debonair Dudes World said...

You’ve been warned again America, don't make the same mistake again.
Don't buy the Progressive's lies and propaganda.

Liberalmann said...

There is absolutely no proof to your premise, only stupid lie and conjecture.

Prove it or stfu.

Seriously said...

Liberalmann your disgusting vulgar don't dignify any response.
Besides, Mr. Debonair Dudes World opinion doesn't need any proof.
What part of "His Opinion" don't you understand? But then again your a Liberal, so you won't understand period!

Crusader Frank said...

Make no mistake about it, if Obama is re-elected, we are all screwed.
Even Liberalmann.

Communism is Communism. and
Liberalism is Liberalism. A leopard can't change his spots.
You can't teach an old dog new tricks.
And you can't teach a liberal and sense.

Anonymous said...

Obama, the MSM and, Al Sharpton along with the other Black Radicals the professional race baiters are using the Zimmerman-Martin case as a tool to foment racial violence. This not news to you I know. What is news is that Al Sharpton and the other Black Radicals believes the real motive is an excuse to implement martial law. You might think that is a bit of a stretch. But think about it. Nothing this president or his radical friends inside and outside of government is said or done unless it advances Obama’s agenda for fundamentally changing America. How would Obama benefit from a racial war? Would it help him at the polls in November? I would argue to the contrary; that it would hurt him at the polls. There must be an ulterior motive. I believe that Al Sharpton and the other Black Radicals sees clearly what that ulterior motive is.

The Debonair Dudes World said...

Liberalmann said...
"Prove it or stfu."

STFU = Shut the Fuck UP"
So this the the way you Bleeding Hearts interpret Free Speech! Telling people that you don't agree with to "STFU!

And by saying
"My god you are stupid, sadly uninformed and quite the hater/racist. You are a Fox/Rush parrot."

So, it turns out that you Bleeding Hearts DON'T believe in freedoms like the right to free speech, after all. No wonder your a Obama supporter.

Curious George said...

I don't know about you, but I am pretty much tired of hearing all this race-baiting BS about this Martin?Zimmerman case. Regardless of how passionate we are on the issue. This week, we learned that George Zimmerman has finally been indicted on second-degree murder charges. The world heaved a huge sigh of relief for Trayvon's sake. Today, we heard that he was receiving a bail hearing much earlier than expected. While I have love for all people, I also have love for American justice. Thankfully, our system has this magical little 'gift-from-God' concept where the burden of proof is placed on the prosecution. Regardless of how you feel toward one side or the other, we all have the right to a fair trial.

So with that being said, what has happened to the American way of being innocent until proven to be guilty. What has happened to the presumption of innocence?

And why does Obama have to put his 2 cents into everything that concerns Blacks?
Obama never learns. He couldn't keep out of the Professor Gates incident and alluded racism in that one, when in fact his black friend had been acting up when the police arrived and attempted to identify him as the home owner.

And here we find it again.

And when the Black Panthers put out a $10,000 reward for Zimmerman dead or alive. Do you hear the Hollywood Elites, Obama, Sharpton, or Jackson addressing that issue? Why aren't the feds investigating this lynch mob mentality? I think we ALL know the answer to that one, don't we!

I'm not standing up for Zimmerman. If he is guilty, he needs to be sentenced to prison. But why aren't we waiting for the facts to come forward?
God Bless what is left of the America I remember.

The Debonair Dudes World said...

Sorry to change the subject, but have you seen the new photograph showing George Zimmerman's Bloodied Head? Very interesting new news.

The Fisherman said...

Liberalmann sounds like an Ass-Hole

Jarhead said...

I support Ted Nugent

Anonymous said...

I too, support Ted Nugent

Anonymous said...

Sadly uninformed? Obama is the second worst thing that's happened to this country, the Bush dynasty being the first. Give it up liberalBOY, didn't your momma teach you that you can't change FACTS

Jarhead said...

Remember Alec Baldwin’s rant on killing Congressional Republican Henry Hyde's their wives, and children?
When he said: "We should stone them to death"

Where was the uproar then as it is now with Ted Nugent?

Liberalmann said...

Typical uninformed, insulting responses from wingnuts who have no facts and only a bumper sticker mentality:

"Obama’s agenda for fundamentally changing America.

So, it turns out that you Bleeding Hearts DON'T believe in freedoms like the right to free speech, after all

Communism is Communism. and
Liberalism is Liberalism.

Make no mistake about it, if Obama is re-elected, we are all screwed."

IMHO said...

Liberalmann said...
Communism is Communism. and
Liberalism is Liberalism.

If the shoe fit, wear it, Pea-brain!

Anonymous said...

Well if I were Ted I would have challenged that baboon in the Oval Office to charge me with something or FOAD. No court in the land would rule that a threat, and it would expose Obammy for the blustering idiot he is.