Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A preview of Armageddon came to Lubbock, Texas.

I went to high school in Lubbock, then after getting out of the service, returned to attend Texas Tech University.

Been gone now for almost two decades, but still return to visit friends and family at least once every year to two.

West Texas has some of the most awe-inspiring weather you'll ever see.

In college, we used to chase tornadoes and severe thunderstorms in our photojournalism class. This was circa-1980s before The Weather Channel and reality TV. Just some crazy college students with their Minoltas and Nikons.

I've seen it blow dirt and snow not just on the same day, but in the same hour. I've seen it lightning during a blizzard. I've seen the asphalt streets melt when the temps exceeded 115F.

But I've never seen anything like this. Keep in mind that this happened around 5:30 p.m. When the dust hits, it looks like the middle of the night in some places.



JohnW said...

Damn! I didn't know you had haboobs too!

Ed Skinner said...

Looks like Phoenix weather -- except for the snow you mentioned. What's that?

Old NFO said...

Ouch... Not a lot of fun there, much less the damage to the vehicles... And people trying to breathe!

Randy said...

I lived in Lubbock for 6 years, this weather isn't common, but you shouldn't be surprised either. It does happen.